Georgia State May Soon Allow Guns in Churches on Sundays

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Georgia State May Soon Allow Guns in Churches on Sundays

We heard about this being discussed years ago but we can’t believe it may truly come to pass. Unfortunately, we are in a day and age where people are not feeling safe in churches or feel they need to arm themselves inside the house of the Lord. It’s a shame that we as a people don’t realize we have a weapon against violence. But if we don’t believe in Him and the He promises to protect us, we are enslaved by this world’s view of things.

Here’s the report:

In the great state of Georgia, a majority of these legislators who were elected public servants to govern with our best interests in mind are deeming it appropriate for Georgians to have the legal right to bring weapons into The Lord’s house.

Georgia House Bill 875- If this bill is enacted into law, do not be deceived. Georgia won’t immediately become a much safer state in which to live and work. Georgia will instantly become a much more lethal state in the “Bible belt.”

On article states this has all to do with American gun lobbyists.

All they care about is dollars – not sense. Hear me well. The vast majority of Americans and Georgians who personally own firearms are God-fearing, tax-paying, law-abiding, hardworking, good people. For the sake of exposition, let’s assume that these people make up 99% of gun owners in the U.S., shall we?

These Americans – these Georgians – have taken gun safety classes. They own gun safes so they can safely store their firearms away from their own children. They have passed background checks. They are licensed to own and carry guns. They fully exercise the legal right to protect their loved ones, themselves, and their own protect. To all that, I say excellent! I don’t have a molecule of  grievance with any of these Americans and Georgians. I don’t spend a nanosecond of my time worrying about them or their guns.

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What do you think about this law that is close to coming to pass?