Blogger Says Gay Men Taking Over the Church?

dc gay pastor and first gentleman

DC Gay Pastor Aaron Jone-Wade Celebrates 4th Anniversary, Blogger Says Gay Men Taking Over the Church?

UPDATE on March 8, 2014: Recent news says the gay Pastor and his ‘first gentleman’ are now celebrating their 4th Pastoral anniversary. There’s a church event flyer about this year’s anniversary and it is pretty bold coming from people who say they serve God in today’s church:

“I’ve got my eye on the goal, Jesus I am off and running where God is beckoning us onward–to And I am not turning back.” Taken from Philippians 3:12. The service will take place March 9, 2014 at 12 noon with guest speaker Rev. Stacey Edwards-Dunn, Ph. D. Of Trinity United of Christ in Chicago, IL.

Now there is a blogger from Obnoxious TV that posted their seemingly approval of the gay pastor and others as well. Read what they had to say below:

As I have stated many times before; if you agree or not, like it or not black men are rising up all over the country getting married to other men and starting churches. Many of you that claim to be Christians will find this to be a bitter pill to sallow. Many of you know the more popular couple at the Vision Church of Atlanta where the pastor is Bishop O.C. Allen and First Gentleman Rashad. Marriage, family, and even the church is being redefined right before our very eyes. Now my issue is not the obvious, but so many people accept, tolerate, and in even some cases defend other behaviors that are sin.

Additionally, homosexuality seems to make the chief of sinners ready to stand on their soapbox to express their disapproval. Washington, DC is where the Community Church of DC is located and seem to have done well for the past four years. The church seems to be progressive and for the most part they share the core beliefs of most Christians. The nation better get ready because Atlanta, Cincinnati, Washington, DC and the rest of the country because there is no telling who or where will be next.

This is coming from the bold and proud gay folks who think they are taking over the church and those who agree with the movement. Folks, this is not the true church and we need not be afraid to stand up for what’s right. The enemy has been working for years and we have to continue to preach what is right.

UPDATE on March 1, 2014: Just recently, someone on Facebook shared this post and it has been circulated all over again. If you missed it, this is an AT2W Flashback from March 2013:the community church of washington, dc united church of christ

3rd Pastoral Anniversary for Pastor Aaron B. Jones-Wade and First Gentleman

Yes! You heard it correctly. The pastor of The Community Church of Washington D.C., United Church of Christ, Rev. Aaron Jones-Wade and 1st Gentleman Job Jones-Wade are celebrating their 3rd pastoral anniversary.

We never knew there were so many gay couples who run churches but we have learned that the black community has opened up even more to the United Church of Christ because of their liberal views. For those who want to live a life of homosexuality in the black community, find this denomination accepting and this is why we have and will see more black gays running churches.

Thanks to one of our faithful readers for giving us this update. Chime in and give us your feedback on the subject.

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31 Responses to “Blogger Says Gay Men Taking Over the Church?”

  1. Rickiya says:

    How can people who are spiritually lost preach to me about the Love of Christ or anything else. Some people have purposely made hellfire their destination and no matter how much you pray for them they won’t come into the true knowledge of Jesus. The only church sinners can take over are the false Babylonian churches, the ones who have whored themselves with the world, I refuse to become joined to any church building, I have never in all my days seen so much corruption in the body of Christ as I’ve seen now, the real people of God should come from among the heathens don’t get caught with your back turned to the devil, be vigilant and alert like the bible tell us to.

  2. Wanda Johnson says:

    How can they preach about being fruitful and multiplying. How can they preach about God ordaining marriage between male and female. How can they tell children that they originated from two men. Answer is they can’t. So so sad for so many so-called saved gay people to have their consciences seared with a hot iron. They’ve already been led over to a reprobate mind. Mind boggling.

  3. Tom says:

    There is so much dysfunction between males/females particularly black people. The children will be so out of balance because they won’t have any idea of what conflict resolution is about between man and woman. This is very unhealthy for children

  4. Kev says:

    This as a nasty disgusting embarrasment to the Church. Do we really believe what happen to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Did not the Almighty God say ” I amd God.. I change NOT ” !

  5. Brian says:

    We all knew this day was coming. As it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be at the end near the coming of the Son Of Man. We are living in some perilous times. Men are lovers of themselves and each other and not THE MOST HIGH/CHRIST/HOLY SPIRIT. Satan is feeding the minds of these gay so-called preachers,pastors,bishops and the like. He has caused them to be unable to see right from wrong anymore. People’s hearts have waxed cold towards THE MOST HIGH and there is now a deep hate for the truth. Just like the people told the prophet Isaiah to get away from them preaching truth, but rather preach unto them smooth things that they want to hear. We are living in this time right now. Ain’t nothing new under the Sun.

  6. Da Truth says:

    ” FIRST GENTLEMAN”???? really???
    I’ve N.E.V.E.R. heard of such FOOLISHNISH! E_V_E_R…but then again they ARE in GAY ATLANTA

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