AT2W Flashback: Did Benny Hinn Marry Pastor Paula White Instead?

Did Benny Hinn Marry Pastor Paula White Instead?

This is an AT2W Flashback from March 2013:

We know. You are probably saying “What is AT2W talking about?” Well, we all know that the remarriage was set for March 3rd this past weekend for Pastor Benny Hinn and his wife Suzanne. It did in fact happen but can anyone see what we see? This one photo of their remarriage ceremony taken on this past Sunday. (Photos from Benny Hinn’s Facebook).

Now, is it just us or does Suzanne Hinn look very similar to Pastor Paula White or is that actually Ms. White? We know nothing is wrong with our eyes, we know you all can see what we see!

What kind of mess is this? Now, we knew that Suzanne lost a lot of weight and visibly looked  as though she had plastic surgery. Take a look at the photo below and compare for yourself.

benny hinn paula white sex scandal

Did Benny Hinn only remarry his wife Suzanne Hinn because she had took time when they were apart to transform herself to look like is mistress? Is Suzanne Hinn this desperate and insecure that she must resemble her husband’s alleged mistress, Paula White?

It is evident that this is NOT the true church. They DO NOT represent the true church because the true church would not be intertwined in such scandal and unholiness.

What a shame! We are not sure what their marriage will stand on since it only appears to us that its all about imitation and adultery that may plague it, again.