AT2W’s Flashback: Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole: How Latascha Emanuel Preaches with Her Breasts on Display? [VIDEO]

female preacher breasts

Can you really preach with your breasts out?

How Can Female Preach with Her Breasts and Tattoo on Display [VIDEO]

This is an AT2W Flashback from March 2013:

Who in the world will take her seriously with her breasts hanging out? If anything men and women will come to her her ‘preach’ just to check her out. SMH!! Beware! This is NOT the TRUE CHURCH!!!

On her Twitter page, Ms. Latascha Emanuel describes her ministry:

I am a unconventional minister set aside for an unconventional time such as this reaching the world with the gospel and grace of Jesus Christ

We wish we could find out more about this woman but her website is so saturated that we can not read about her history. Oh well. It’s obvious since she’s preaching from the ‘stripper’s pole’, she may be preaching from experience in that area. All we can say is before you can preach the gospel, (the real gospel of Jesus Christ), you have to strip yourself from the ‘stripper’s pole mentality’. You don’t have to try and reach the ‘strippers’ by dressing like them to bring them to Christ. If Latascha Emanuel thinks preaching with her breasts hanging out is pleasing to God, then she needs to go back to the true bible and read about decency and order in the church. By the way, many of her photos on her website, show her dressing with her cleavage showing.

Thanks to one of our readers T.G. for the update!

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One Response to “AT2W’s Flashback: Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole: How Latascha Emanuel Preaches with Her Breasts on Display? [VIDEO]”

  1. Ain'tWidThatNonse says:

    Darn shame! This is when ‘Keeping it real goes wrong’. Christ stated that if our righteousness does not exceed that of the Pharisees, we will not get to heaven.
    All these folks who say ‘ well God sees the heart..blah blah’, are unaware that, while that may be true of Elohim ; man sees the physical. And, rather than leading men to Christ, this preacher will be leading weaker brethren astray , and turning stronger brethren off.

    IMHO, what you exhibit should reflect your heart-cuz out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh and the body follows suit.

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