Florida Man Kills Young Black Male, Claims Self Defense and Stand Your Ground?

Claudius Smith, florida stand your ground shots to kill ricardo sanes

Florida Man Kills Young Black Male, Claims Self Defense and Stand Your Ground?

You know? This is not going to change until people start standing up against this Stand Your Ground law in Florida. It’s almost like it breeding season for those who want to kill young black males or anyone they want and claim self-defense,. This has been going on for centuries and all over the country but what is really going on in Florida? We tell you a message has to be sent and FAST!!

Read the report below:

In this case, it a black man running after a young black male who was running through his yard. Claudius Smith was armed and chased the young man, Ricardo Sanes, out of his yard and into a neighboring apartment complex where he shot him dead.

An Orlando man shot and killed a 21-year-old who was allegedly running through (or from, depending on who you ask), his yard. But the young man had not stolen anything, nor broken in to anyone’s home. He was literally just running. He had not threatening anyone, but Claudius Smith nevertheless said that he was afraid that this running youth was a burglar, reported by Political Blind Spot.

When police arrived, they found 21-year-old Ricardo Sanes dead in the grass, surrounded by six .45-caliber shell casings.

In a confession documented in the Orlando Police Department report Smith said that he was afraid of his victim “because his pants were falling down”. This, Smith explained, must have meant that the “fleeing” young man was “armed.”

Now this black man is claiming self defense even though the youth run through and past his yard and he ran after him with a gun and killed the boy. What kind of self defense is there when the Sanes never stopped to interact or approach Smith before Smith caught up with him. This man is crazy!

Claudius Smith was charged with second-degree murder on Friday for the death of 21 year old Ricardo Sanes.

Smith’s girlfriend told police she told saw Sanes run through their yard and hop the fence on their surveillance system. Smith claims there were recent burglaries and he believed Sanes was the culprit.

When Smith pursued the young man, he pulled his gun when he confronted Sanes. A fight broke out, with Sanes allegedly throwing the first punch. Fearing that Sanes was reaching for a gun, Smith opened fire.  Police state that the young man did have a gun in his pants but he was shot in the back and they  found suspicion in Smith’s story.

The young man may have been doing something out of order since he was running through a yard and did have gun on his person but was it right for the shooter to pursue him? Could he have called the police instead? Did he have the right to shoot this man in the back but claim there was a confrontation right before he shot? Something is not clear here. We don’t like it.

Folks are using and abusing the system in order to do whatever they want in Florida right now. People are fearing that a judge may still grant him “Stand Your Ground” immunity from prosecution. It could happen because surely has happened before.