Our Investigation of South Carolina Family Dead in Murder Suicide, Still a Mystery


Our Investigation of South Carolina Family Dead in Murder Suicide, Still a Mystery

A family of Jehovah’s Witnesses from South Carolina have been found dead in their home after what police say it was a murder-suicide by shot gun.

The husband and wife Sheddrick and Kia Miller had two young children under 5 years old and they were all found dead one week from last Wednesday morning in the family’s Irmo home. The children were found shot in the upper part of their bodies in their respective bedroom and the wife and husband also with the gun laying next to the husband.

The family had just purchased a home in 2012. In the photo below showed an apparent happy family posing in front of their new home but something plagued this family that some did not know.


News reports from the Charlotte Observer state:

The children were found dead in their respective bedrooms, and the two adults were found together in the master bedroom, Richland County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said.


Richland County authorities say they are looking into any prior domestic calls that may have come from the home.

The children’s grandmother went to check on the young family after she hadn’t heard from her son for a number of days, Wilson said. She immediately called police after discovering them dead.

The Coroner, Gary Watts, said it appears that 38-year-old Sheddrick Byron Miller killed his wife, 28-year-old Kia Von Miller, and their two children before fatally shooting himself. The children were 3-year-old Kyler Devane Miller and 1-year-old Syrai Raquel Miller and all four people had been shot in the head.

The family had bible study at home and was considered a good family to those who knew them.

Family friend Rachel Hinson, 25, told the Observer she had attended bible study at the Millers’ home and went to Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses with them.

‘It’s confusing, and it’s not understandable why something like that would happen,’ said Hinson, who’s grandmother lives near the home.

Sheddrick Miller owned a barber shop, named after his son called Kylers Barber Shop located in St. Andrews, SC. He created and sold fragrances in the shop named Syrai also named after his daughter. Folks from businesses next door expected them to open his shop up the Monday after the holidays from Walt Disney World. The were Jehovah Witnesses so they did not celebrate Christmas.

In our investigation of this case: We took a look at his Facebook page and it appears innocent enough. He owns a motorcycle and posted a short video of him riding on a hot day last November. There’s a photo of him and his wife posted on Nov. 18th seated at a restaurant where he is kissing her on the cheek and he stated:“I can honestly say I’ll die for you !!!!!!!” This is ironically stated according to the circumstances.

News reports suggested that sources have said Sheddrick had a darker side but we could not find evidence this at this time.

According to the timeline on his Facebook page, he uploaded a video, pictures of the family and wife around Nov. 16-20 last year.

In this photo posted by Sheddrick Miller of his family in November, he wrote: 'Thank you Jehovah for the gifts (family) : )'

We could not find a Facebook page for his wife Kia Von Miller or anything else for that matter. We do know that reports say she was a stay at home mom and they both have ties to New York. On thing we did notice from one of their family photos (pictured above) was that the wife Kia looks happy but we could not help but see the very dark bags under her eyes for a 28 year old woman. The under the eye bags may suggest extreme worry or a medical condition. We are not stating this as a fact but there could have been some issues we are not aware of.

The Violence Policy Center in Washington states South Carolina is the worst of all 50 states when it comes to domestic homicides.