Donnie McClurkin Talks His Struggles With Death of His Both Parents

Donnie McClurkin Talks His Struggles With Death of His Both Parents

We can understand that losing a parent is a difficult thing to get through but to lose both parents can be devastating to say the least. Award-winning gospel singer Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s parents died approximately 10 months apart.

On TBN’s Praise the Lord show, the host McClurkin opened up about his moments of  distress and his struggle to move forward without his mother and father:

“I had a pity party a week ago, I mean just a 54-year-old pity party,” he said, while interviewing Grammy-nominated solo artist Erica Campbell. “You ain’t never seen a man sit down and want mama and daddy at the same time, and have to deal with a sense of loss, and then rest back on your bed and imagine yourself resting in His arms and just saying ‘This will do. This will do.’”

His dad, Donald Andy McClurkin, Sr. died on Nov. 13, of acute myocardial infarction, which is known as an heart attack at the age of 79 . This occurs when there is a blockage of oxygen‐filled blood flow towards a part of the heart, eventually causing it to become damaged, and die.

His mother Frances McClurkin was also 79 at her time of death on Jan. 18 after succumbing to complications from a massive heart attack on Jan. 13.

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