Teleka Patrick Investigation: New Details on Missing Person’s Case

Teleka Patrick Investigation: Let’s Remember It’s Still a Missing Person’s Case

UPDATE on Feb. 6, 2014:

This past week, authorities from both Indiana and Michigan, including Kalamazoo County, conducted a search on Lake Charles in the town of Porter, Indiana.

The search crews used advanced sonar equipment to create a detailed map of the lake.

Unfortunately, they were not able to find any evidence related to Patrick’s disappearance.

The Patrick family has increased the reward to $20,000 for any information that will lead them to Teleka.

Also, a fundraiser was put on surrounding the Superbowl game for Teleka Patrick:

A statement released on Feb. 1, 2014 by Pray at the Pump (PAPM) founder, Rocky Twyman, indicates the group is organizing a “unique Super Bowl party” in an effort to raise funds for the family of missing Michigan doctor, Teleka Patrick.

According to Twyman, a plea will be made during the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime for “donations to help defray the cost of the Patrick family’s private investigator and to help increase the reward money.”


News update from Jan. 20th for original post below:

It is clear that we are covering more than just Teleka Patrick’s missing person’s case. This is because, we at AT2W, try and bring you the inside details surrounding a case and not just what’s on the surface.

With that being said, we do not want our readers to think we only care about the gospel artist Marvin Sapp’s involvement. Though his involvement  is becoming a prevalent part of the investigation and why she moved to Kalamazoo, we want to focus on her missing person’s investigation as well.

We will be reporting on both because she is a missing person and that is what’s more important and she has not been found yet.

Let us try and remember she is still missing and that we pray no ill harm has come her way. We pray she is returned home to her family very soon.

Here’s an update on the case below:

The Patrick family posted a Facebook post about the case and addressing Teleka personally:

“…we miss her and worry about her safety every minute of every day… She is our little girl and no matter what, we will continue to love her unconditionally and search for her without ceasing…”

Police says anyone with information about Teleka’s whereabouts call the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office at 269-383-8748, or contact Silent Observer at 269-343-2100