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Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ Performed at Grammy’s And Queen Latifah Officiates 34 Marriages

Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ Performed at Grammy’s as Same/All Love Marriages Officiated

We took a look at the Grammy’s on CBS tonight and witnessed something unexpected. We are sure most if America was shocked as well. The New artist group Macklemore and Ryan Lewis not only won Grammy’s tonight but the performed an interesting version of their hit song “Same Love”.

The song “Same Love” is all about loving the same sex and that we should all be onboard with same sex marriage which will make us all equal.

The group was singing during the Grammy’s and all seemed normal. There was a choir behind them along with a glass church door. Before we knew it, rapper Queen Latifah came out behind the opened glass doors and in an unofficial way, she officiated a marriage for 34 couples in the audience. Lights from above shone on several rows of couples who faced each other and place rings on their mate’s hands.  The couples were interracial, man and woman, man and man and woman and woman.

The New York Times reported:

“…the featured couples will be “gay, straight, old, young, of many races and colors,” and revealed that they were left in the dark for months about where the special services would be taking place. Per their confidentiality agreements, the couples weren’t even allowed to tell their families.

As the couples accepted the vows, they were summoned by Latifah to close the deal and be married, so to speak. Then Madonna comes out singing the song as the couples cried and smiled along. This performance definitely confirms Latifah’s personal views on the subject which she has never outright admitted. We all knew about Madonna, right? These are two women who have never admitted their same sex love interest but have been exposed or shown likeness in the public.

It was something we had never seen before and was very accepting, so it seemed, by the Grammy attendees.

See the video below and see for yourself the performance that will be talked about for some time. This song is certainly a Gay Rights anthem: