Former Your Black Muslim Bakery Associates Sentenced in Real Estate Fraud


Former Your Black Muslim Bakery Associate Sentenced in Real Estate Fraud

UPDATE on Jan. 27, 2014:

A former Your Black Muslim Bakery associate is charged with three other men in a suspected real estate fraud scheme that cost two investors nearly $77,000.

Court documents say the bakery associate, Jamall Robinson, and Cordell Hayes, Jhamel Robinson and Marvin Woods falsified deeds to make it look like they owned five properties in Emeryville and Oakland, and then sold them over the Internet.

Woods pleaded no contest to a single felony forgery count and was sentenced Nov. 26. The others are sentenced for their charges as well.

The now-defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery, based on San Pablo Avenue in North Oakland, long was thought to be a community organization empowering young black men, but in the mid-2000s it was exposed as part organized-crime family and part cult, with crimes from fraud to murder attributed to its many members.

Jamall Robinson — who also has gone by the names Aafiya Akbar Muhammad, Yasir Hakeem Azzem and Jamal Bey — was among bakery associates charged with aiding bakery CEO Yusuf Bey IV in the 2005 vandalism of two North Oakland liquor stores, attacks caught on videotape that made national headlines. Prosecutors in 2007 dropped those charges against Robinson. Source

Yusuf bey iv sentenced

Former ‘Your Black Muslim Bakery’ Owner Sentenced to Three Life Terms

The former leader, Yusuf  Bey IV of a once-influential Oakland community group of Black Muslims  was sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole for ordering the killing of three men, including a journalist, Chauncey Bailey who was working on a story about the financial troubles of the organization.

Reports stated this:

Despite his conviction in June, Bey, the former head of Your Black Muslim Bakery, continued to assert his innocence in a statement read by his attorney Gene Peretti.

“I want the people to know it has never been about truth and justice, it has been about perception and politics,” the statement said. “I do apologize to my family and the families of the victims for not making wiser decisions in allowing this to have occurred on my watch. I will not rest until I find out those who are truly responsible for setting this operation up,” the statement added.

Yusuf Bey, 25, was given three life terms in prison without the possibility of parole in the 2007 murders of Bailey, Michael Wills and Odell Roberson in separate attacks.

Chauncey Bailey, 57, was gunned down in broad daylight in downtown Oakland while walking to the newspaper.