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Hicktown Press: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sleep With a Low Down Lustful Pastor

Pastor Craig Lamar Davis arrested

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Hicktown Press: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sleep With a Low Down Lustful Pastor

Originally posted on August 29, 2012

We have to give it to our friends over at Hicktown Press. They wrote about the story circulating the web, as we did, on the arrest of Atlanta pastor Craig Lamar Davis and his charges of spreading HIV as reckless behavior to women in and out of the church.

We just posted the story yesterday and found our friends at Hicktown Press and their thoughts on the subject. We have to say we agree 100% with their analysis. Like them, we cover stories about false prophets, pulpit pimps, sexual abuse among pastors and church children, whore-munging men and women of God all of the time. It’s so easy to blame the pastor or leader of the church because they should represent the purest in our communities and not the adversary they claim to pray against!

In reality, we have to look at both sides. It takes two to tangle. The old saying is true. If we don’t want to be victimized, as adults there are steps we can take to avoid some things. We aren’t speaking of young children and the very vulnerable of our society. We are speaking about, in particular, women in the church who will sleep with a man of God… just because?? We have to ask ourselves why a woman would stoop so low to sleep with a married pastor or a man who says he’s a pastor. It only makes sense to have some morals and values and quite honestly some respect for yourself and the church and oh, how about God??!!

So, Hicktown Press has some questions for the first woman to come forward and blow the story out of the water, Ms. Ronita McAfee. She wrote a letter about her experience with Pastor Craig Lamar Davis and HTP has some serious questions that should have crossed her mind before laying down with a man she knew nothing about. In fact, HTP calls women like this “nasty, gullible, silly.”

Read the questions below what should have been considered by this woman and others in her situation:

Questions for Ms. McAfee:

(1) Were you aware that Craig Lamar Davis was a married man when you met him on Facebook?

(2) Did you stop to ask yourself why a church pastor would be on Facebook meeting women when he needed to be out doing God’s work?

(3) At the time that you started down the road of meeting “pastor” Davis, did any part of your conscience raise up to warn you that you were walking into adultery with a dog?

(4) Is fornication a part of your every day lifestyle?

(5) Was this the first adulterous affair you engaged in?

(6) How long from the time you met this false pastor did it take you to meet him, pull down your drawers, hop into bed with him and have sex with this married man?

You are NOT a victim. I’m happy that you don’t have HIV but did you learn a lesson from this? His wife is the victim.

(7) WHY did you not mention your own part in it when you wrote your letter? Why didn’t you note that had you not slithered around like a snake and met with this married man, you would not have found yourself in the situation?

This may be harsh but when will we ever learn to have respect for God, first and foremost, ourselves and others?

Thanks Hicktown Press for being upfront and honest on this subject!!