Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp Being Investigated in Missing Dr. Teleka Patrick, Says Report [UPDATE]

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Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp Being Investigated in Missing Dr. Teleka Patrick [UPDATE]


UPDATE on Jan. 19, 2014:

The website Websleuths.com has been well ahead of the media outlets in the missing case of Teleka Patrick. In fact, the site has put together her Twitter accounts and Twitter handles; online videos; and retrieved her deleted Twitter posts. Websleuths.com’s members have tracked Teleka Patrick’s social media footsteps long before we heard about it from the media.

They say they feel her videos and Twitter posts reveals her obsession with Marvin Sapp and Twitter posts are more of a daily diary in content.

Tricia Griffith, the co-owner of the site, stated:

“You usually don’t see this in true crime, where the victim poured out her soul for everybody to see,” Griffith said.

“You can tell this is a wonderful, kind, loving woman who is ill,” Griffith said. “You can’t help but be drawn to this case. You really want to rescue her.”

Unfortunately, these Websleuthers had already come to conclude she was stalking the pastor.

Kathleen Streitenberger, a retired corporate “skiptracer” — someone who tracks individuals on the Internet — used her professional skills to link Patrick to Sapp.

“I knew she was stalking MS,” Streitenberger said in an email to the Kalamazoo Gazette. Shortly after she posted her finding on Websleuths, the media reported that Sapp obtained a personal protection order against Patrick in September.

Websleuths started in the 1990s as an online forum to discuss the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case.
The website was purchased in 2004 by Griffith, who now co-owns the site with Susan Pruitt.Websleuths is credited with finding a vital clue in the Casey Anthony case and helping solve the 2009 murder of Abraham Shakespeare, a Florida laborer who won $32 million in the lottery.

Websleuths has about 67,000 registered members, Griffith said, and about 25,000 to 30,000 people — some members, some visitors — go onto the site on an average day. About 60 percent of the website participants are women, she said, and their average age is 35 to 64.

Previous update below:


Here’s the updated news on Teleka Patrick and her alleged involvement with Pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp.

News reports stated he filed a protective order on Patrick three months before she went missing on Dec. 5th. We just were informed that the stalking went on for over a year.

Marvin Sapp is now being investigated in the disappearance of Teleka Patrick, according to reports.

Read the protective order against Dr. Teleka Patrick HERE

Also view all videos with Patrick’s family private investigator who says police are looking into the PPO Sapp put out on Dr. Teleka Patrick and that he finds it ‘interesting’ that no 911 calls were made since Sapp states he was stalked by her for over a year. Hmm… See all videos HERE

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5 Responses to “Gospel Artist Marvin Sapp Being Investigated in Missing Dr. Teleka Patrick, Says Report [UPDATE]”

  1. Ain'tWidThatNonse says:

    I agree Pastor Marvin Sapp has to be investigated. Some may disagree, but i think it is prudent that he is included in the case . I hope Teleka Patrick is found safe!

  2. Ain'tWidThatNonse says:

    Hopefully, with Pastor Sapp, being included in the investigation, the authorities might get a lead, in locating the missing Ms. Patrick.

  3. Joann Shelby says:

    Why is Pastor Sapp being made to look like the bad guy? This woman was stalking him. She was in his house and harassing his children. He used the law to protect himself and his family. He is busy with his ministry and career. He did nothing to that woman. Check her husband..

  4. Morgan james says:

    How do you know if she was stalking him? Just because he said it, doesn’t make it true. I’m not saying he did anything wrong, but the PPO copy above shows he said “Until she moved to the area, I didn’t see it as a problem. He clearly had some form of communication with her before she moved to Grand Rapids from California. I don’t think she was dillusional all, sounds like maybe she read into the relationship wrong, or he mislead her. As for the ex husband, I heard he use to be physically abusive towards her. An abuser will always try to discredit the victim. I pray she is found safely.

  5. AT2W Staff says:

    We are going by the report and of course by what he stated but many of us know that could not be true. Thanks for commenting.

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