Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Defends Erica Campbell’s Sexy Curves and Dress

Gospel Singer Yolanda Adams Defends Erica Campbell’s Sexy Curves and Dress

We are not surprised that Yolanda Adams would defend Erica Campbell’s curvy physique in a dress that reveals it distinctively.  Adams has been known for dressing the same way and she is good friends with Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and the rest of the new age gospel artists.

Here’s what she told Think Positive magazine:

“I know for a fact that Mary Mary—because I’ve known them for years—they don’t try to be sexual. Some of the things that they want to wear, they’re in style.”

Even Erica’s sister Tina told Essence:

“It’s wholesome, you see grace; you see beauty; you see elegance and style.”

In the photo below, we wonder did people speak out about this dress Yolanda Adams was wearing for her “Believe” album? It appears to show curves as well.

Yolanda Adams go on to say:

“I’m tall. I’m thin, but I have hips. A gown my graze me in a place where somebody may find it offensive, but it’s not sexual. That was not my intent. We can’t walk around with sheets on and moomoos. Then, they’ll talk about [that],” she said. “You have to take criticism with a grain of salt because you’re never going to please everybody.”

Though critics might wonder whether the gospel stars and preachers’ wives are paying attention to what they put on, Yolanda, who has her own clothing line, assured that she’s very conscious about what she wears.

She states she is conscious of what she wears. Would that include the photo below? Is it too sexy?

“I’m very respectful in everything I wear,” said the Yolanda’s Closet designer. “I think about it.”

Erica Campbell told Essence magazine and says its OK to be “saved and sexy”.

“This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are. I think that young girls shouldn’t only get sexy images from people who are not proclaiming Jesus…I’m cute, too.”

Well, its surely a different world today in the church. We agree that women in the church can be stylish but need to be very selective. We still feel that if it reveals too many curves, it may not be  inappropriate. We say this because gospel artists and women of the church need to show a difference. If we wear clothes that resemble too much like secular artists than we are putting the focus on ourselves and off God. Some of you may not agree but the church has become so worldly, some order has to be in place.