Facebook Pic Reprimands Erica Campbell’s White Dress on Album Cover

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Facebook Pic Reprimands Erica Campbell’s White Dress on Album Cover

As many of you may know, Erica Campbell of Mary Mary is getting a lot of buzz with her new album cover picture. We have been talking about this kind of stuff for years, but here we go again folks. Here’s the bottom line:

Many of these gospel artists today are saying and doing whatever they want. They do not care what others think and they are as popular as they are because obviously they have a huge fan  base. Now, with that being said, they have pimped out the church and is trying to pimp out Jesus with their actions and attire. Mary Mary, like many others, have said in interviews they will do what they want and they don’t care what others have to say about it. So there is no surprise Erica Campbell would take photos like this. People argue that she is fully covered from head to toe but her curves in the dress are unacceptable. Its obvious that when people see her in the dress they are thinking less of Jesus and the Word and more on her and her body. That’s not a lustful statement but a truthful one. Mary Mary celebrate their bodies, as they have mention before, and we all know they are no different than the secular artists. We say, Mary J. Blige can do this and has but should Mary Mary do this?

The woman is just trying to get buzz and attention from the photo for her new album release in March 2014. Entertainers do this all of the time and she is no different. That is the bottom line.

Now, the photo above was sent to us from one of our Facebook friends. This photo is meant to reprimand Erica Campbell. It appears to be a snapshot from Erica Campbell’s Facebook page and it includes Erica in her now infamous white dress and a photo of several church mothers wearing white. Though we understand why someone made this point from the two photos, the bottom photo is an actual photo of someone’s grandmother. Yes, our FB source stated this is a photo from their family church and one of the women in the picture is their grandmother! We will not reveal who stated this, what church this is or which woman is being pointed out but this is the case and this person is very upset. They want to know where this photo came from and who decided to use it. For their protection, we have blotted out the women’s faces.

The point is made in the above photo but at the expense of using a photo that was not authorized.