TBN’s Granddaughter Claims Jan Crouch Had Love Child (Matt Crouch) With 1954 Mr. America

Jan Crouch allegedly had affair with 1954 Mr. American Richard Dubois and love child Matt Crouch

TBN’s Granddaughter Claims Jan Crouch Had Love Child (Matt Crouch) With 1954 Mr. America

In the video from our previous story about The Crouches and the recent TBN scandals, it revealed the granddaughter Brittany Koper stated her grandmother Jan Crouch admitted that Matthew Crouch is the product of an affair. Koper stated in the interview that Jan Crouch said her love child was produced with Mr. America of 1954, Richard Dubois (pictured above).

If you take a look at the photo below from the video we posted, you can clearly see the resemblance the son, Matthew Crouch has with Mr. America Richard Dubois.

We are not really shocked if this is the case because their ministry seems to have been built on lies, deceit and greed for over 30 years.

matthew crouch real father?

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9 Responses to “TBN’s Granddaughter Claims Jan Crouch Had Love Child (Matt Crouch) With 1954 Mr. America”

  1. Betty says:

    God forgives sinners that is why Christ came to save us.
    May God bless the Crouch family.
    What they do is between them and God.
    God will bring every work into judgment.
    But TBN has blessed me through the years..
    I still like the Crouch family.
    I hated to see Paul Jr leave.
    I think Jan dresses ridiculous.
    Her fake lips her fake boobs her fake hair.
    She looked better when she was naturally herself.
    Matthew is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    He says a lot of stupid things.
    Paul jr never said anything stupid.
    Paul Crouch Sr did a great job with TBN
    In spite of having to put up with all he has.
    I say God bless that family and thank God for TBN

  2. Marty says:

    We humbly pray for the Crouch family, TBN, and all of their followers, that they will repent of their sin and turn to Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior, for their salvation, for it does not come from health, wealth, prosperity, nor popularity. The false teachers and preachers that permeate TBN airwaves are a judgement upon the American church system for being lazy in not opening up our Bibles and reading, studying and meditating upon it for ourselves. All of the scandals are one of the signs of the harlot religious system, especially the sexual sins involved as spoken of in Revelation.

    Humanity is not saved because of Trinity Broadcasting Network….Praise God, human souls have been saved in spite of TBN, for the Glory of Jesus Christ is shared with no man.

  3. Tim says:

    Yes, it doesn’t amaze me at all when people support this abomination from hell eternal the TBN NETWORK.

    I believe without doubt God Himself sent TBN as it says in Thessaolonians!!

    In that last days the love of the truth will wax cold, and God will send a STRONG DELUSION so they (followers of error) would believe a LIE!!

    And so it goes, there are still supporters of these folks, and as shepherd so go the sheep!!

    Dont’ think those who support TBN will not be judged accordingly. Read all of III John and Jude. If anyone even blesses those who do not bring the doctrine of truth that they will receive the same judgment. (paraphrased)

    We as laymen are responsible for who we endorse, and follow. We will be held into accountability.

    I believe God sent TBN just as he sent Saul, because the people desired it, so God gave it to them and Saul died by his own sword a follower of scorercy.

    And so Paul Crouch died with his ill gotten riches from the widows mite, a closet homosexual, and his wife having a love child with Mr. America.

    After all this exposure anyone who is still fool enough to endorse these frauds cannot possibly know the Truth.


  4. Kevin Hartley says:

    Just heard the news about mr. Crouch dieing. Would like to say, I will be praying for there family. I have always watched TBN, and enjoyed lots of there pasters on TBN. There are lots of them, who I wish not to call names, that I be leave are froud’s. I believe lots of these pasters have been friends of Paul and jan for years, and have stood by them for years. Some of these pasters, I beleave are so fake, and dangerious to born again Christians, like myself. I also, believe TBN, is a business, and with that said, made millions of dollars, by preaching god’s word. I also beleave, lots of the pasters on TBN, give money back to the minstry. I have watched for years, and have supported some pasters, but others, I feel are dangerious frauds. I have read where, some of there pasters have million dollar jets, homes across the states, all of which are unbiblical. This is where I totally, disagree with ministries like this. Thousands of people give to there minstry, but I should say, there business. I also, have family in minstry, and have been raised around people in minstry. My family’s minstry, started very small in the 80’s, and in the 90’s grew very large, with hundreds of people giving to them. They also make millions of dollars, and have lived there lives around bmw’s, large homes, etc. it’s a dangerious situation, and a big huge problem for ministries, in todays time. Let’s always remember, god is in control, in every situation. I offer my prayers during this period. Kevin

  5. bobby says:

    How on God’s green planet could Matthew Crouch be the first child,when he is the youngest child of Paul F. Crouch,Brittany should be get her head out of her butt!

  6. bobby says:

    Brittany Crouch pole dances,she is very christian NOT.

  7. bobby says:

    Paul Crouch Jr. is the first child of the Crouch’s you see Brittany just can’t fool me.

  8. bumble bee says:

    I don’t know who did what, when, or Where in the Crouch family. I do know that they show Pastor John Hagee, CBN 700 Club, Creflo Dollar, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer!
    I Personally Love these Programs, and I am thrilled they are there for me to view. The world has changed horribly. I need these programs DAILY JUST TO GET THROUGH The Day.
    So I Thank and Praise God that they are there for Me. Hallelujah. Amen.

  9. BereanMom says:

    to bumble bee and others who mistakingly think they need TBN, or any of the people who appear on their network…..I want to encourage you to open your Bibles and read the word of God, rather than cling to anything another man (or woman!) on that network says….many of which are false teachers. You don’t need anyone but God. Only He can save you. Please consider my words. Time is short.

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