Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal [Part 2]

Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal [Part 2]

Originally posted on Dec. 31, 2011:

This is part two of pastors whom appear to be scandalous not all by being mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk but we can say there is a strong connection of scandal present.

We have researched and have actually covered extensive news on our Bishop Eddie Long page who was accused by four men Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LeGrande of sexual misconduct in Sept. 2010. The four men alleged Bishop Long lavished them with money, cars, apartments and trips while being members the church at ages as young as 14 years old. The pastor has since paid the young men off in an undisclosed settlement this year in May 2011. There was also an unknown 5th accuser, Centino Kemp who joined in the settlement but not everyone is believing his story completely.

But let’s not get into this news right now because it is just the fall after the rise of Bishop Eddie Long. In the beginning, Bishop Long became pastor of Traveler’s Rest Baptist church in Scottsdale, Ga near Atlanta in 1984 when Kenneth Samuels was pastor. There was a group of pastors at the church including Bishop Eddie Long and because Long could bring in more members, he was chosen to be the pastor of the church. Samuels admitted later that the people of the church felt Long could do a better job at growing the church than he could. Consequently, Samuels had members follow him to start his gay affirming Victory Church in Stone Mountain, Ga. Samuels’ wife subsequently divorced him after the ‘changes’ set in.

So, Bishop Long was voted in as the pastor of the newly named church from Travelers Rest to New Birth in 1987. From overcrowding the church building from 300 members to purchasing a newer building in nearby Lithonia, GA, he grew the church membership to over 25,000. Some have stated Long’s membership has once reached as high as 33,000.

Let us make this point: Bishop Eddie Long’s church was never, ever meant to help the women in the church, in our opinion. Some of our staff were former members and they can make accounts of how Long would cater to and uplift the men in the church more than the women. He would nearly denounce women in some fashions behind the pulpit and literally mentioned how his wife had to stop him from using the “b” word in reference to women. At altar call, many times he was seen ‘laying hands’ on men and spending more time with them than women. In one of our staff’s opinion, in the years she was a member of New Birth, she considered his church a ‘man for men ministry’. We think many people may be able to agree with this now that the allegations have proved to be ‘his thing’.

Bishop Long became a force to be reckoned with but how did he become so charismatic? Where exactly did he get his training and mentoring from?  Bishop Earl Paulk was a spiritual mentor for Bishop Long when he was a young preacher. In Sept 2010, investigative report from My Fox 5 Atlanta, Dale Russell was interviewed on ATL’s V-103 and stated the Bishop Long scandal starkly reminded him of the Bishop Earl Paulk saga. He also mentioned that Bishop Eddie Long was mentored by Paulk.

V-103′s Frank and Wanda Show Discusses Bishop Long Accusers’ Interview

 For those who did not know, Bishop Earl Paulk mentored quite a few pastors, ministers and evangelists who became very popular and considered in some sense as celebrity clergyman and women.  For some reason, his mentoring moved many of them up the ranks of creating celebrity mega ministries. As we already know, Bishop Earl Paulk had sexual relations with many women in his church as well as his own granddaughter.

Bishop Eddie Long has a history of allegations against him that never hit the news or made public pass the church doors. When Bishop Long was in his old church building, there were rumors he had relations with some men there. We found a video of Bishop showing the church he had no shame in his game when it came to his affections for men.

In our article: Breaking News- Gay Man All Hugged Up on Bishop Long [Video Proof] dated Nov. 11, 2010:

In a video of Bishop Eddie Long in 2001, he’s shown preaching in front of the church while a very effeminate male is standing in front of him.

He’s seen holding onto Long throughout the entire clip while Long is preaching: “Lord, There’s some stuff that I’m doing ain’t right and I don’t have the desire to change.”

If we take a close look at all of the scandal that slivered from under the Bishop’s secret closet we may not believe it, but unfortunately they are all documented as true.

Why is it that Eddie Long’s ministry has been riddled with such scandal, deceit and corruption? Why has yet another pastor with a relationship with the late Bishop Earl Paulk find himself  falling down the slippery slope of dome? We have to remember: Bishop Long was not just a predator of young boys and teens but he was also a deceiver of his flock through financial schemes.

Bishop Eddie Long: Love, Live, Lead Like Him

Photo courtesy of

There’s no doubt that Bishop Earl Paulk was a corruptible image and example for Bishop Eddie Long. The teachings of Earl Paulk and we believe the spirit of perversion that was upon him, gave way to more pastors to be sucked into this evil spirit. Bishop Long’s slogan for the 2010-2011 season was Love Like Him, Live Like Him and Lead Like Him. He had this slogan plastered on billboards in the Atlanta, Ga. area to be seen by all. The question still remains: Who was Bishop Long living for and in this case who was he loving, living and leading like? We all know he was loving folks of a forbidden fruit. We also know he wasn’t showing an example of living for God. Also, he was not leading his church in a direction God ordained. So, it only leaves us to realize that the slogan was more like a dedication to Earl Paulk because he was doing all of the above, in a similar fashion, just like his spiritual daddy, Bishop Earl Paulk.

Fortunately, there’s a chance for Bishop Long to change but he must not go out like Earl Paulk and lie until his last breath. He would need to shut down the church, publicly apologize for his misdeeds, pay off his debts and fall on his face to Jesus for restoration in a repenting state. We are not hear to judge Bishop Long or any other man or woman of God, but when the body of Christ is effected and affected by their wrongdoings, we must speak out about it.

Here’s an account of all the the scandals that came to follow after Bishop Eddie Long’s sexual misconduct case rocked the Christian media world and abroad in the past 15 months. Its a very, very long list that does not include everything we covered but we think you can see how Eddie Long carried the torch of scandal handed over from Earl Paulk.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal


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Stay tuned for Part 3 of Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk Allegedly Carried The Torch of Scandal