Pastors Mentored By Bishop Earl Paulk May Have Carried A Torch of Scandal [Part 1]

Bishop Earl Paulk and his Spiritual Sons and Daughters

The Tree of Bishop Earl Paulk May Have Produced Bad Fruit in Those He Mentored

It’s no surprise nor a shock to hear about the many pastors across the globe who carry some level of scandal behind their names. There are probably so many that we can’t count. Nonetheless, there are some that have been associated almost to the hip of one prominent pastor and bishop. This pastor would be: the late Bishop Earl Paulk. This article will be the first of many that will focus on who was tied to Bishop Earl Paulk, the scandals that followed them and ultimately a surprise at the end about who, in our opinion may be cursed from their association.

Now let’s get some background on Bishop Earl Paul.

Earl Paulk was the founder of the Cathedral at Chapel Hill, a charismatic/Pentecostal megachurch in Decatur, Georgia; a suburb of Atlanta. Paulk’s reputation was severely tarnished in his later years by allegations of sexual misconduct, including several illicit relationships and accusations that he had molested children.

In 1992, six women accused Earl Paulk, Don Paulk and two other nephews who were ministers at the church, of sexual manipulation. This woman was Tricia Weeks, who had ghostwritten Paulk’s autobiography.

In 2001, Jessica Battle, a college student who had been part of the church’s arts ministry dance group, sued Paulk, accusing him of molesting her between the ages of 7 and 11, and later of forcing himself on her when she was 17

In 2003, church member Cindy Hall claimed that Paulk had convinced her into a lengthy affair that also included her having sex with Paulk’s brother, Don.

Sunday School teacher Mona Brewer and Paulk had a relationship became an extramarital affair that lasted 14 years. She didn’t break the relationship off until September 2003, years later, and didn’t tell anyone until hearing about Cindy Hall. [source]

Coincidentally, when Bishop Earl Paulk was secretly filmed by local Atlanta investigators meeting with Mona Brewer in 2008 at a Chik-fi-la restaurant in suburban Atlanta community, Sandy Springs, our staff was having a lunch meeting at the exact location just 2 days before. We had just missed the private get together they had before he was busted for trying to bribe her and to drop the lawsuit.

The scandals also included the birth of his nephew who was actually his son, D.E. Paulk from an illicit relationship with his own brother’s wife and his own granddaughter accusing him of sexual abuse as well.

Now, as you can see or remember, Bishop Earl Paulk had much scandal in his church and affected many people’s lives. He also mentored many other pastors who became well known all over the world as well as in the Christian church. Unfortunately, these pastors have a stigma attached to their names. This is not to be written to bring up their past troubles but it is critical to note that a bad tree can not produce good fruit. Paulk evidently produced (mentored) bad fruit because his tree was corrupt and rotten from the roots. Its a sad case but it is very true.

The pastors, ministers and prophets that will be mentioned have been seen on TBN and other shows speaking on behalf of their mentor Bishop Earl Paulk, as they all called him. It must be stated that all of these people became very well known in the church but was there a heavy price to pay for such popular ministry status?

Here’s a two of five ministers who were connected to and mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk and the scandal that is behind their names:


Bishop Clarence McClendon and Earl Paulk

Bishop Clarence McClendon

One name that many know of would be Bishop Clarence McClendon. He was mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk.

Clarence E. McClendon reportedly began preaching at the age of fifteen, assumed his first pastorate at the age of nineteen and today serves as Senior Pastor of  Full Harvest International Church in Los Angeles Ca.  In addition he has founded the Siloam Bible College and Clarence E McClendon Leadership Institute as well as the Full Harvest Network of Churches, Ministries, and Entrepreneurs.

The website states:

Clarence McClendon is seen stalking the stage in his Los Angeles church or perhaps you’ve seen him ordering viewers to the phones during a TBN beg-a-thon (which they he still runs the same kind of show for them).

The story goes on to state that after 16 years of marriage (and four children) “Bishop” Clarence McClendon announced his divorce from wife Tammera partly stated: “I have a calling to preach, not to be married.” This confused many saints and followers when he however married Priscilla Delgado of Los Angeles only seven days after his divorce from Tammera was finalized.

The connection Bishop McClendon has with Bishop Paulk would be for one: this second wedding ceremony was performed by Earl Paulk who was supposedly providing spiritual counseling to McClendon at the time.

Also, while The Independent Conservative stated they visited Paulk’s church and Bishop McClendon was running a ‘scam’ called the “50/50 Partnership”, Paulk’s Sunday School teacher  and lover, Mona Brewer named McClendon was a part of the scandal where she said Paulk wanted her and others to have sex with other men.


Juanita Bynum:

Another name that many know of would be Juanita Bynum. He was also mentored by Bishop Earl Paulk.

She is known as a Pentecostal televangelist, prophetess, author and singer. Juanita Bynum was first widely known for her sermons “No More Sheets”. In 1997, she released “No More Sheets,” a video and audiotape series about her changed sexual lifestyle and two years later preached it at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ 52,000 attendee Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Conference in Atlanta.

Though life had a positive turn for her when she married Thomas Wesley Weeks III in 2002, it was on August 22, 2007, when Bynum was beaten by her husband, who eventually plead guilty to aggravated assault charges.

Bishop Weeks was given 3 years probation, 200 hours of non-church related community service, and ordered to attend anger management counseling. In June 2008 Bynum and Weeks were divorced. [source]

This was one of the biggest scandals to hit the Atlanta area and the world at large. Juanita Bynum’s name may not ring ‘abuse’ anymore but it was truly a scandal out of a novel.

Juanita Bynum didn’t just get her name across the Christian air waves through Bishop TD Jakes. It was Bishop Earl Paulk that pushed her into being once the apple of TBN’s eye. Many of our staff members watched how Juanita Bynum seemingly came out of nowhere and made her regular debut as a source of money for the Christian network, TBN. The network has consequently dropped her as their spotlighted host.

The Independent Conservative confirms what we witnessed with this statement about how she came on the scene with the help and mentoring of Bishop Earl Paulk:

What is so sinister about this is that these wicked leaders use their credibility to give others credibility and the problems are punctuated and all of Christianity gets tainted by it. For instance: TBN has given Earl Paulk a voice for over a decade and Jan Crouch has put her seal of approval on him. When a new kid comes on the block, he/she needs a seal of approval in order for the people to listen to him/her. This happened in the case of so-called prophetess Juanita Bynum. She was new to the landscape, but got into Earl Paulk?s favor and he presented her as a prophet to his church at Chapel Hill. Then she got the attention of TBN who found that she was a good money-raiser.

Again, Juanita Bynum’s name may not scandalize her image at this time but it was at once one of the biggest church scandals well, since, the Bishop Earl Paulk’s scandal. In recent news, she was found ‘typing unknown tongues’ on her Facebook page and allegedly calling followers ‘spiritual bullies’ on her Twitter account.

So, one can see the scandalous connection that just these two people of God had with Bishop Earl Paulk. The scandalous mess that has followed them or that has affected their ministries, we believe, may have stemmed partly from the mentoring of Bishop Earl Paulk.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 which will reveal two more of Paulk’s spiritual sons and lastly one ‘follower’ who wanted to be in the lime light of Paulk. Enough said but you don’t want to miss it.