Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies at 77, Family Not Release Cause of Death

Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Browne Dies at 77, Family Not Release Cause of Death

The renowned psychic and author Sylvia Browne has died. On Wednesday, it was reported she died in a San Jose, Calif., in the hospital, according to a message posted on her website, reports USA TODAY. Browne was only 77 and consequently no cause of death is listed.

Sylvia Browne is well remembered as appearing regularly on television and radio shows while using her psychic abilities in order to help help around the world. She made frequent appearances on TV shows including Unsolved Mysteries, Loveline with Dr. Drew and The Montel Williams Show, on which she was a weekly guest for 17 years.

Though her beliefs and work was controversial, in some instances she was very helpful in trying to solve mysteries for ordinary people.

One of her close and good friends television host Montel Williams stated this on his website:

“I, like so many of you, lost a friend today. But, as has been for the last 20 years, she’ll always remain a part of me.”

USA Today reported her stating this on CNN’s Larry King Live. When asked of her ability to talk to the dead and see toward the future, “I don’t know how I do it. I’ve done it all my life.”

Many of us most recently remember her over the heated kidnapping case of Amanda Berry when she stated to her mother she was dead after going missing in 2003. This was more than a fumble in her predictions because the stress of thinking her daughter had died, caused Amanda’s mother to succumb to an early death. We know now that Amanda Berry wasn’t dead. Browne’s people stated it was a simple mistake and should not be taken so seriously since she is human, in so many words.

The following message was just posted on Sylvia’s Facebook page,

“Sylvia graduated today. She was surrounded by family and friends. What a legacy. She shared so much. We will carry on her knowledge with hypnosis and Journey of the Soul and her many books. What a great party they must be having on the Other Side. Bless everyone.”

A private memorial is planned.