Pastor Bill Adkins Responds to Illegitimate Daughter’s Open Letter [UPDATE]

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Pastor Bill Adkins Responds to Illegitimate Daughter’s Open Letter

There’s an update on the story and The Blaze interviewed Pastor Bill Adkins and here’s more information about this father and his estranged daughter:

When we asked how Adkins felt when he first saw Matlock’s letter, which was entitled, “Letter to My Father Bill Adkins: ‘Go to Hell,’” he said he was taken aback.

“There are situations and times when you’re just caught completely by surprise,” Adkins explained. “I have not heard from LaShonda in years and I’m very suspicious of the timing that the letter was written and how it was posted and how it was placed on her blog.”

This suspicion is rooted in his confusion surrounding why the contentious note was posted so publicly rather than simply delivering it to him directly.

Despite being hurt, the preacher said he did his best to try and heal the situation once he learned of his daughter’s emotional pain. It took only minutes after reading it for him to reach out to Matlock directly through Facebook and e-mail, but to no avail.

Adkins claims she has been unresponsive.

“I haven’t heard from her. I don’t have her number,” he said.

Here’s a letter from Pastor Adkins’ wife that was previously sent to LaShonda Matlock:

I read your post and am deeply saddened by your pain. Of course, some things you mentioned were in complete error but that’s okay. How can I help you now? What can I do to help alleviate your pain? There are times in our lives when we think we’re doing the right thing for the right reasons; and then find out it was all wrong. You do have a great mother and I always believed that you had a great life with her and your stepfather. You achieved much and accomplished even more. I actually thought that staying out of your life was best for you. You were a proud Matlock and I did not believe that you needed any extra confusion. I financially supported you for all those years, thinking this was basically what was most needed of me.

Let me invite you to come to Memphis and allow me the privilege of introducing you to the congregation. I want to do whatever I can to help you end your suffering. I have never denied that you are my daughter. I simply respected your family which seemed to be outstanding in every area and it appeared that I was not needed.

LaShonda I am in Christ, and most of us have things in our past that do not exemplify our present spiritual condition. I teach this at my church constantly. The sins of my past are just that; sins of my past. Let me help you.

Give me a call.

Your Father

We will have more for you in the next day or two for more clarification on their relationship and his side of the story.


Below is the original post of the story on Sept. 28, 2013:


In an interview, Pastor Bill Adkins has responded to his illegitimate daughter’s open letter about how she’s been hurt. The pastor may have acknowledged his daughter, LaShonda Matlock and her pain, but he states there are some untruths to the story told.

Here’s is words from the interview:

“Yes, I’ve read the letter and I’m sad to have seen the letter. I’m sorry she is enduring such hurt, suffering, and pain,”

Pastor Adkins claims her birth was not the result of an affair but he had to admit that he did not have a relationship with LaShonda Matlock.

”First of all, I was not married. She’s 33 years old and that was 1979. I was not married. I was not a pastor of a church. I was a Radio Announcer at WLOK Radio.”

Apparently, he is now reaching out to come and meet with him and his family and meet the congregation of his church. Wow! Is he serious about that or calling her buff because he wants to look good.

“I want to do whatever I can to help her, and if it’s acknowledgment that she wants, I’m willing to give it to her,” he said. “I responded to her in email today and I simply said, along with my other children and my wife, come to Memphis, let me introduce you to the entire congregation.”

The pastor’s daughter LasShonda, has responded to him through the news outlet WATN-TV and stated she would rather meet with him through family counseling instead.

“I am sincerely happy that he wants to open an dialogue with me, and we can discuss both sides of our story, and maybe that should be dealt with in family counseling together first, before we go in front of a congregation,” said Matlock.