Pastor Arthur Allen’s House of Prayer Church, Dies in House Fire

Pastor Arthur Allen, House of Prayer Under investigation again

Pastor Arthur Allen’s House of Prayer Church is Under Investigation, again

The Rev. Arthur Allen, who died in a house fire Monday, leapt from obscurity to notoriety in 2001 after authorities said he orchestrated abusive punishments for children in his church, the House of Prayer, on Hollywood Road in northwest Atlanta.

Firefighters said there were between 10 and 15 people in the house, located on Lookout Avenue, when fire broke out on Monday. Firefighters said that Allen told those in the house to get out quickly as he remained behind to get dressed.

What was he thinking and did he want to die?

Allen, 81, was unconscious when firefighters found him in the house, according to officials. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead of suspected smoke inhalation.

A firefighter suffered first-degree burns while battling the blaze, according to the Atlanta Fire Department.

A dryer is the suspected cause of the blaze, according to fire officials.

Funeral plans for Reverend Allen were still pending Monday night.


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Original post from Nov. 15, 2012 below

Pastor Arthur Allen’s House of Prayer Church is Under Investigation, again PART 1

It was in March 2001, when dozens of children were rescued after allegations of abuse at the House of Prayer led by Pastor Arthur Allen. Some of those children are now adults and they’re speaking out about their experience for the very first time.

Now, news reports have learned the Atlanta Police Department has a launched a new investigation into the church.

Here’s what many of the members of abuse had to say:

“Imagine for years being tortured by snakes,” said Naomi Smith-Howard.

“I wanted to commit suicide,” said Tenishia Smith.

“They hiss at you and then pick at you.”

“A church is a place where you go to worship God,” said James Smith, Jr. “It is not a place where you are demeaned and degraded.”

Once members of the infamous ‘House of Prayer,’ these siblings, Tenishia, Naomi and James Jr., said they are still feeling the effects, more than a decade later, of what they call “years of abuse.”…


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