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AT2W Flashback: Le’Andria Johnson Rebukes The Church Who Judge Her New Baby Out of Wedlock

Le'Andria Johnson baby daddy and rebuking the church

Photo: Leandria Johnson and man (not necessarily baby’s father)

AT2W’s Take: Le’Andria Johnson Rebukes The Church Who Judge Her New Baby Out of Wedlock

Originally posted on Sept. 24, 2012

Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson is feeling persecuted by the church and others. As news was reported recently, she became pregnant and had the child out of wedlock. She’s a single mother who has been divorced twice and says her name has been drug in the mud about the choices and or mistakes she has made in her life.

“You get pregnant out of wedlock and the whole world turns against you. That’s how it felt,” she said in an interview with Essence Magazine.

She just welcomed a new son into the world named, Caelington Forrest Walker. Eur Web is reporting Le’Andria Johnson gave birth to her fourth child on September 12, 2012 Caelington Forrest Walker  who was named after his father and Le’ Andria’s long time mate, Forrest Walker. Our friends over at The Church Lady Blogs are pretty disappointed in her as well.

In the interview, she addresses the meaning behind one of her songs on her new album called: ‘Complicated’.

“It’s just the truth and it’s self explanatory. I’ve gone through so much with people who say they love me – people who say they’re there for me. You get pregnant out of wedlock and the whole world turns against you. That’s how it felt. But you’ve got to keep moving. I hope the song reaches the world, not just the gospel industry. Love is complicated…”

She goes on to explain that having a baby out of wedlock and being divorced twice was not the only thing she was scrutinized about but there were other issues too:

“I was battling drinking and that was all people talked about in the gospel industry,” Johnson said. “Different things like having men problems or falling in love with the wrong guy… maybe that wasn’t juicy enough for the gospel industry.”

Le’Andria admits that once the news was out that she was pregnant, the gossip spread like wildfires:

“The moment I got pregnant out of wedlock, that was the juicy part and that carried. It’s still carrying on. To hear different ones say, ‘She needs to be sat down until she gets this together…’ I disagree…” she stated emphatically.

The singer is adamant about what she feels said this to those pastors and bishops who want to sit folks down because they don’t approve:

“Listen, for one, I’m a member of your church, I pay tithing into your church. I sew seed into your ministry. If you’re going to silence me, then I feel like you need be silenced as well. If not, you’re letting me know you’re perfect.”

Can you believe this? It almost sounds like she is trying to stand up for her tithing as an excuse to do what she wants? Also, she’s literally rebuking the pastors for speaking out. We also know that many gospel venues and churches shut her down due to the announcement of her forthcoming fourth child. Unfortunately, she can’t silence the church because she thinks she’s a big star. This is sad.

She even flat out said: “I refuse [to sit down]. I’m not the first woman in this industry to be pregnant out of wedlock. I’m not hiding it or condoning… I’m not going to stop because you think I should stop. I don’t serve you, I serve God. I’m letting you know that God still blesses and he uses whoever He wants. When people get out of that pointing stage or that judging stage they’ll be alright.”

leandria johnson

Photo: From Her love song, “Make Him Like You”


AT2W’s Take: Well, Le’Andria Johnson has spoke her peace and is determined to move forward regardless to what anyone says about her. The church can not condemn her or keep her from doing what she says is her calling.

We commend her for standing tall against those who condemn her but there are some issues that need to be dealt with. At her age of 29, not many women are divorced twice and have four children. We all make mistakes but getting married twice and divorced twice at an early age tells a deeper story.

One thing that needs to be said is: the church is not always right in their judging but we as ambassadors to Christ have to set an example for the Body of Christ and the world. We can’t say its o.k. to be married twice, divorced twice, having babies out of wedlock and professing to be a gospel artist and a licensed minister. She also admitted that the gospel industry judged her when she was battling alcoholism. But really, when you see how she is embracing all types of genres yet claims to be a Christian artist, the example she is showing is how Hollywood celebrities do it. They do what they want but Christians are not suppose to be like the world. By her intermingling gospel music, R&B, Jazz and others as a Christian artist, gives the impression she goes for it all.

We still don’t know what it will take for these new age gospel artists and alleged representatives of the church to realize we can’t do things like the world and not be judged more severely. ( James 3:1 ). Though the church tends to persecute those who should stand in the gap, this is what God does and we do represent the church. So, actually, if anyone has a problem with the church judging than maybe this industry is not for you. This comes with the territory and anyone who grew up in the church should already know this as a fact. The church can’t be silenced. They should be speaking against this and much more.

It’s really quite simple: if some gospel artists would stop trying to sound (love songs) and be like the world and sing the songs of zion, like gospel is meant to be, then we may not get caught up in all of this. By keeping our eyes, minds, hearts and souls on Jesus, we can allow Him to guide us through life instead of walking a tightrope blindfolded!

We pray she can move on from this but instead of embracing the fact that God still loves and blesses her, she and others may want to learn from their mistakes and do better. By making the same mistakes over and over in the public, doesn’t give them much defense.

Thanks to the Church Lady Blogs for providing the video to Johnson’s baby’s father as the organist in the clip below: