City of Compton Second Black Mayor, A Woman Aja Brown

City of Compton Second Black Mayor, A Woman Aja Brown

The city of Compton is really making a positive make for themselves. we arehappy to know that not only is the mayor, once again, an African American but better yet a woman as well. Kudos to Compton for raising the bar and making such great strides in the community!!

Via CBS LA reports:

Compton’s new mayor Aja Brown has made headlines, most recently in Vogue magazine, for her plans to revitalize a city plagued by corruption and debt.

The 31-year-old University of Southern California grad earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in urban planning and economic development and went on to spend 10 years serving on planning commissions for several Southland cities, including a prestigious post in Pasadena.

Four years ago, Brown became a resident of Compton and joined a local church. She founded the nonprofit foundation Urban Vision Community Development Corporation, with the goal of bringing education programs, scholarships, and small-business loans to the area. It’s all part of her vision for developing the city into a place where businesses thrive and residents feel secure.

“I think people around the world identify Compton with gangster rap. My whole life I’ve always been the underdog, so I believe that Compton is going to be a great city,” Brown said. “I envision Compton Boulevard being a bustling central business district once again: having wider sidewalks, being well-lit and having small businesses opening up.”

Mayor Brown has high hopes for the South L.A. city, a place that holds a tragic memory for her family. Years ago, her great-grandmother was brutally killed in a rape and robbery at her Compton home. The killer was never found. The incident prompted Brown’s mother to leave the city.

“I thought it would be a great way to turn my family’s negative connotation with Compton into something positive, so it was also great for me after I bought my home here to have my mom come back here and really see the changes.”