Mount Zion Church Sues Already Fired Pastor Robert Williams to Have Him Removed

mount zion baptist church Rev. Robert Williams

Mount Zion Church Sues Already Fired Pastor Robert Williams to Have Him Removed

The problem is that Rev. Robert Williams was fired as church pastor more than three months ago, according to a civil lawsuit filed in the name of the church. His attorney contests his client’s firing and asserts he enjoys the support of most members.

You see, Pastor Williams is a relatively new pastor against some longtime congregants. Besides the lawsuit,  a threatening and anonymous letter surfaced that Williams reported receiving led to a police investigation late last year. An order of protection tried to bar one member from attending church. And a February meeting ended with a call to police.

Like most pastors who come to a historically long lived church, Williams had big shoes to fill when his predecessor, the Rev. B.J. Gaston, led the church for 47 years.

Pastor Robert Williams his wife  CaSherral Williams. Pastor Williams was installed as Pastor Mount ZiBaptist Church during ceremony Sunday.

Now, some church members seemed to like the 45 year old Williams and supported him. Besides, Rev. Gaston had recommended him. Unfortunately, things went wrong with the new pastor even though he was inexperienced and was mentored by Gaston.

In April 2012, according to the lawsuit, Gaston wrote a letter to church members outlining his concerns about Williams’ performance, saying the pastor had become “arrogant,” had sought “to remove any oversight or accountability to the church for his actions” and had changed the locks on the house of worship.Things escalated in July 2013, the lawsuit states, when Williams received a letter signed “Mount Zion Baptist Church Board of Directors” informing him he was fired because he had breached his contract by refusing to accept Gaston’s counsel.

After his firing, Williams “attempted to seize control of Mount Zion, its assets, its property and its finances and has wrongfully orchestrated changes to its board, its officers, its leaders and its corporate structure,” the lawsuit contends.

Williams’ attorney Robert Long denies those claims and maintains that a very small number of church members were behind his attempted ouster.

In seeking dismissal of the suit against Williams, Long argues that the board did not follow proper procedures in removing Williams. Unless that happens, he will remain pastor, Long wrote.