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AT2W Flashback: Gay Affirming Victory Church Pastor Was Forewarned By Woman Exactly 1 Yr Before Shootings

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AT2W Exclusive: Gay Affirming Victory Church Pastor Was Forewarned By Woman Exactly 1 Yr Before Shootings

Originally posted on June 27, 2012

NOTE: What is written below is a revelation form God and His intervention with a woman. We accept the testimony of this woman as a true  and of God. This post is presenting the will of God being done and not done at the same time. As a result of it not being done, some have had t0 face consequences for their actions. So, in reading what is stated below, requires an open mind and heart to the will of God.

We are assured and awakened by the news we are about to share with you. Firstly, let’s remember that there are still men and women of God who are led by the spirit and are used to make a difference in the world. In this case, this woman of God was nudged by God himself to make a move for the kingdom of God. So, let’s get right to it and you will see how God works through the willing spirits of His people.

Now, a woman contacted us recently about how she heard from God to contact gay affirming churches and forewarn them to cease preaching for homosexual rights and preach the real gospel of Jesus Christ. This may strike some people as odd today, since so many pastors have succumb to the trick of the enemy. Also, now that our President has endorsed and stamped his approval on same sex marriages, black preachers in particular have willingly signed on with him. They have left their Godly ways and beliefs on the side of the road and adopted the pagan beliefs of our President and others. This, my friends, should not have happened; even though our President shares the same ethnicity as we do.

This woman tells us about a letter she sent to the pastor of Victory Church of the World, Kenneth Samuels in Stone Mountain, Ga. last year on June 7, 2011. She stated that on May 24, 2011 she was praying and God spoke to her. She said God told her to start informing gay affirming pastors about the wrath He has in store for those who condone and approve the homosexual lifestyle and same sex marriages. Please take note that God instructed her to begin writing letters and the first one was to go to Pastor Kenneth Samuels.

She stated she pondered on whether or not she should send the letters even though she heard God clearly tell her to do so. For over a week, she hesitated but God was pressing on her heart to get the letters out as soon as possible. So, she finally adhered to his command and wrote and mailed out the letter to Pastor Samuels on June 7, 2011.

Now, let’s make some things very clear before we reveal to you what the importance of all of this means. Firstly, the woman who wrote the letter to Pastor Samuels and others is not sure if he received it or not. On the other hand, he could have read it and ignored it; possibly like many others he has received in opposition to his gay support. Nonetheless, this woman sent him a letter and if he read it yet ignored the forewarning, then perhaps this is why God allowed the shootings on his church property to occur.

As we reported earlier this month, Pastor Kenneth Samuels held the funeral services at his Victory For The World Church on North Hairston Road in Stone Mountain, Georgia for Ryan Devon Guider. Gunfire erupted in the church parking lot as a funeral wrapped up on that Thursday, leaving two people dead and another two wounded. Guider, 19, was fatally shot May 26. Authorities said his killer was Marcus D. Ventress, 28, who allegedly shot Guider in retaliation for burglarizing Ventress’ home. The shootings at Victory Church were apparently gang related and in retaliation of the home burglary.

We say that God may have allowed the shootings because be aware that this woman of God wrote and sent off the letter to Pastor Kenneth Samuelson June 7th, 2011. This is what prompted the woman of God to contact us after realizing when she actually mailed the letter.  According to news reports, the funeral and the shootings at the church were on June 7th, 2012This is exactly one year to the day that the letter was sent out. This, people of God, is no coincidence. God spoke to this woman in prayer and she did what He instructed. Unfortunately for the pastor, he did not take heed to the warnings in the letter from that time up until a year later.

We also need to make it known that this woman of God had an intervention with God on the morning of May 24th, 2011 which is exactly 2 days and a year before the young man Ryan Guider was killed on May 26th, 2011. Again, this is not a coincidence. God has spoken.

It’s apparent to us that God spoke to this woman to do His work and forewarn gay affirming pastors and she obeyed. Since, the pastor of Victory Church of the World was still in sin (preaching homosexuality is accepting in God’s kingdom), literally; he was obviously shown on the day of the shootings WHO is really in control.

 We do not believe that the shootings would have happened, if this pastor had turned from these wicked ways and preached the real gospel of Jesus Christ. Were the shootings at his church the result of the wrath of God? Spiritually speaking, we believe so. God is not playing games with us and this is proof that He speaks loudly but whose ready to hear Him?

The woman of God has allowed us to post the letter she wrote to Pastor Kenneth Samuels exactly one year to the day of the shootings. Anyone is FREE to post this letter as well as a testimony to what the work of God can reveal and how He’s ruler of this earth, not man.


c/o: Dr. Kenneth Samuel
The Victory Church
Stone Mountain, GA.

June 7, 2011

Dear Pastor Samuel,

How are you today?

My name is Sister Jewel and I hear directly from God.  I am sure you have had great recognition within the community and as a NAACP leader.   However, God is not pleased with your ministry and you need to yield to His commandments, before it is everlasting too late.

I pray every morning on my knees and specifically, on May 24, 2011, at 5 o’clock in the morning, God spoke to me and told me to forewarn the gay affirming pastors and bishops and to specifically, start with you.   God told me to forewarn you to stop condoning homosexuality in His pulpit and if you do not do what he says, he will send wrath upon you, thus saith the Lord.

I beg you to please listen to God’s message for you, because if you do not, the end is eternal damnation is for you and you will not have another chance.   So please, adhere to God’s expectancy of your turnaround in your church and the way you preach your sermons.

In these last and evil days, God is calling for righteousness and if we do not listen, He will send his wrath not just on the church, but on this entire land of America.   God has been waiting and masses of people, including ministers of the church have turned away from His commandments making everything wrong, right and everything right, wrong.   He can only wait for so long for things to change for His glory, but if we ignore his call, we will reap eternal agony.   Do not let this happen to you.   Do not ignore this letter and do not-ignore God’s consideration for what has been taking place in the entire world, rebellion against His Word.

Of course, I have respect for you and the work that you do, but I had to obey God and send you this letter.

God bless you,
Sister Jewel

By the way, since this pastor has continued to preach against the will of God, coincidentally he held the funerals of the very individuals who were killed on his church property last week. Can we now see the what God is saying here?

NOTE: We will not in no shape, form or fashion accept or entertain hate mail on this subject. It will not be read so please don’t waste your time or ours. God bless.