Pastor Rodney Carr Charged with Criminal HIV Exposure to Over 100 Women, Member of

pastor rodney carr infecting women with HIV

Pastor from Memphis Charged with Criminal HIV Exposure to Over 100 Women

UPDATE on Oct. 10, 2013:

Pastor Rodney Carr is not only passing out death threats with HIV status by sleeping with multiple women but he’s been listed as a member of a popular dating and meeting site. Reports have been released that Pastor Rodney Carr has been found as a member on

According to WREG Memphis,

On the dating website, Carr has two profiles: one under his name and another where he is listed as “Minterwonderful.” When the unnamed victim was told about Carr’s online profiles, she told WREG, “He’s not wonderful. He’s a creep. Going around doing what he’s doing. He’s not wonderful at all.”

Carr denies every infecting the woman who has accused him in the prior reports. The victim told WREG, “He’s really trying to get with other women. He has HIV and he’s spreading it so he just really needs to be off the site. He needs to be off the site,” she laments.

If he is found guilty, it could result in two years prison time and up to a $500 fine.

Watch video below on the latest:

This is getting way out of hand folks. People who allegedly have HIV are purposely and maliciously infecting men and women with the disease. We think this is the lowest of the low a person can do to anyone. When it comes to a pastor doing this, its despicable and frankly an abomination to God.

Original report posted on Oct. 4, 2013 below:

Here’s the report one of our readers sent us through a reporter who needed to get this out:

For the past few days Channel 3 has been running a promo about a memphis minister who has given at least 100 women HIV, with the story running Monday at 10pm. After hearing about the story I got interested and thought that I would seek out the whole story, I’m sure Channel 3 will be a little upset but main stream media is known for stealing from me.

The minister in question is Rodney Carr who I’m told grew up in BingHampton but on his police report his address is listed as 186 Timber Lane in Cordova. Carr who is 47 was arrested and charged last year with Criminal HIV Exposure and released on a $30,000 bond.

Carr found out he had HIV in 2005 and is believed to have intentionally attempted to pass this deadly disease on to over 100 women. He was charged after being involved with a woman from 2010-2011 who found out she was HIV positive after the relationship ended. I’m told by a lady I know we’ll that just a couple of weeks ago before the story broke that he was trying to get her sister in bed.

I’m told that Rodney contracted HIV from his late wife Joyce Carr after the couple got back together after a separation. I’m also told that he has been so sick that he has had to wear pampers. It seems that he knows he is going to die and wants to take as many women with him as possible.

As a minister he is affiliated with The Fellowship In Believers Christ Church located at 3485 Rhodes, and formerly a member of Early Grove Baptist Church in BingHampton. If you are a woman who has had sex with Rodney Carr you need to run to the doctor.

The story comes fully from this blog. Here is the Affidavit of Complaint on Rodney Carr.


pastor Rodney Carr charged with exposing other with HIV