Stepmom of LaShonda Matlock Responds to Her Story About her Father Pastor Bill Adkins

Apostle and First Lady

First Lady Linda Adkins, wife of Pastor Bill Adkins (photo from greater imani church)

Stepmom of LaShonda Matlock Responds to Her Story About her Father Pastor Bill Adkins

It seems like almost many members of this family has something to say about the letter penned by the hurt daughter LaShonda Matlock and her story about her father Pastor Bill Adkins disowning her all her life.

In the note given to us, Mrs. Linda Adkins states LaShonda was not disowned and that she and her husband Pastor Bill Adkins took care of her financially all of her life. Mrs. Adkins states she should have been given her father’s sir name and they wanted her a part of their family.

Here’s the letter LaShonda Matlock’s mother Linda Adkins sent to us below:

I am Linda Adkins. The following letter was written by my husband, Dr. Bill Adkins, on Sep 26, 2013 and sent to our 33 year old daughter, LaShonda Matlock, after he read her letter. For all of these years, LaShonda has had EVERY RIGHT to be known as LaShonda Adkins, and we looked forward to it. But for reasons not known to us, she has chosen not to be known as an Adkins, but as the name of her mother’s husband, “Matlock.” We always respected that. Her father and I are proud of her and proud of the fact that we consistently and diligently took care of LaShonda financially until she was grown. Up until the penning of her letter to her father, we had no idea that LaShonda wished to have anything to do with us. My husband is a good man. On our next anniversary, we will have been married 30 years and I have known LaShonda since before her birth and before I married her father. LaShonda is not my husband’s only child that was born before he and I were married and before he was a Pastor. I speak now because I am the “step mother” LaShonda spoke of in her letter as holding my other step daughter’s hand at the Debutante Mother/Daughter reception. Had I known LaShonda’s feelings, I would have loved to have held her hand too, but as her own birth mother was there with her, I thought it only proper that her Mom enjoy all of the many precious moments with LaShonda on that special day. My husband sent his letter to LaShonda’s personal email and also posted it on her Facebook page many days ago. LaShonda and my husband were both interviewed by a local television station,which was aired a couple of nights ago, and in the interview, LaShonda said, “I lied.” As of today, September 28, 2013 we have not heard from our daughter but would love to do so.


I read your post and am deeply saddened by your pain. Of course, some things you mentioned were in complete error but that’s okay. How can I help you now? What can I do to help alleviate your pain? There are times in our lives when we think we’re doing the right thing for the right reasons; and then find out it was all wrong. You do have a great mother and I always believed that you had a great life with her and your stepfather. You achieved much and accomplished even more. I actually thought that staying out of your life was best for you. You were a proud Matlock and I did not believe that you needed any extra confusion. I financially supported you for all those years, thinking this was basically what was most needed of me.

Let me invite you to come to Memphis and allow me the privilege of introducing you to the congregation. I want to do whatever I can to help you end your suffering. I have never denied that you are my daughter. I simply respected your family which seemed to be outstanding in every area and it appeared that I was not needed.

LaShonda I am in Christ, and most of us have things in our past that do not exemplify our present spiritual condition. I teach this at my church constantly. The sins of my past are just that; sins of my past. Let me help you.
Give me a call.
Your Father

We reported the story days ago and about how both LaShonda and Pastor Adkins were interviewed by the local news media in their area. We don’t know the know story and we don’t know who is telling the truth. In many cases, it is not the children of the father accused of disowning them who lie about these circumstances. Many of these children are hurt and know first hand that