AT2W’s Flashback: Pastor Creflo Dollar’s Church Shooting: Former Employee Arrested

Floyd Palmer World Changers Church

Floyd Palmer World Changers Church

Pastor Creflo Dollar’s Church Shooting: Employee Arrested, Found Shopping in Mall

We are taking a look back at the many scandals in the news in the year 2012. Last year, there were so many scandals going on, that we wanted to flashback and see what happened back then. Though we have had our share of scandalous church news this year, it wasn’t as outrageous this year. We pray that is a good sign of people waking up and getting their lives in order:

Read below the church scandal this time last year in 2012:


Floyd Palmer, the church shooting suspect that calmly entered the church and fatally shot a volunteer, was arrested Wednesday and pleaded guilty to shooting a man a decade ago in Baltimore and was committed to a mental health facility there.

Reports from AJC stated:

Floyd Palmer, 52, calmly walked into a prayer service Wednesday morning at the College Park megachurch founded by the Rev. Creflo Dollar and opened fire as 20 to 25 people watched in horror. Greg McDowell, 39, fell mortally wounded and Palmer, a former church employee, “left just as calmly” as he entered, Fulton County police spokeswoman Cpl. Kay Lester said.

The suspect left the shooting scene from the World Changers International Church on Wednesday and was arrested at the suspect left in a black Subaru station wagon and was in the vortex of a massive police search until he was arrested without incident at Lenox Square in Buckhead in a Macy’s store just before 4 p.m.

Report says: Palmer, who resigned from the church in August, had worked as a facilities maintenance employee for personal reasons.

Here’s some history on another crime committed by Palmer:

Palmer had been charged previously with attempted murder in Baltimore. In January of 2004, he pleaded guilty to assault charges and was deemed “not criminally responsible” and was committed, according to Maryland court records. Allegedly, there are court records that show a man named Floyd Lester Palmer with the same date of birth was charged in Baltimore in 2001 with attempted murder, assault and handgun charges.

Records say he was committed to a psychiatric hospital in 2004 after pleading not criminally responsible to lesser charges.

We are not sure why the church officials did not know his prior criminal history or if they knew but did nothing about it.

Christine Singleterry, Palmer’s former mother-in-law, said Palmer shot a man following an argument at a Baltimore mosque. “He got him to go outside and then shot him in the parking lot,” said Singleterry. She said he served about 18 months in the mental facility and was released. She said the victim remains paralyzed.

Singleterry said her daughter, who is now deceased, divorced Palmer in the 1990s because he was abusive. They had two daughters who are now grown.

“He was mixed up and argumentative,” she said. Family members said he moved to Atlanta several years ago.

Mack Simpson, who is married to Palmer’s sister, was shocked to hear the news. “That’s a shame,” he said. “This is the second time.

Greg_McDowell, victim in World Changers Church shooting

Church Shooting victim, Greg McDowell


Ken Terry, a pastor at the church, called the victim Greg McDowell a “tremendous leader, role model and father.”

He said McDowell had been a longtime member of the church. “He was faithful for a number of years. We have known him for years. Since he was a little kid.” Terry spoke of McDowell’s two sons. “He spent a tremendous amount of time with them. He was the model dad.”

McDowell was described as an uplifting man, as evidenced by postings on his Facebook site.

In 2010, McDowell wrote, “One of the most valuable assets we can possess is a positive attitude towards our lives. Your attitude is one of the first things people notice when they come in contact with you. Make it good.”

Another time, he wrote, “Life’s too short not to enjoy it.”