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AT2W’s Flashback: Pastor Creflo Dollar’s Church Encounters Gunman Shooting in Chapel, Killing One Person

Police on the scene of a deadly shooting at World Changers International Church in south Fulton County on Wednesday morning (photo by Doug Evans/FOX 5).

Pastor Creflo Dollar’s Church Encounters Gunman Shooting in Chapel, Killing One Person

We are taking a look back at the many scandals in the news in the year 2012. Last year, there were so many scandals going on, that we wanted to flashback and see what happened back then. Though we have had our share of scandalous church news this year, it wasn’t as outrageous this year. We pray that is a good sign of people waking up and getting their lives in order:

Read below the church scandal this time last year in 2012:

What is going on in these megachurches? We reported last week a carjacking with a child inside the vehicle at Atlanta’s New Birth Church, led by Bishop Eddie Long. Though the child and car were found unharmed, here we are again with another tragedy in a church.

Read report below and then our take, of course at the bottom of the post.

CNN reports that at least one person was shot Wednesday morning around 10:30 a.m. at Atlanta megachurch of pastor Creflo Dollar, World Changers Church International. The local authorities are looking for the gunman, police say. MyFoxAtlanta.com says a well dressed man walked into the church and opened fire a gun inside a chapel and then fled in a vehicle.

UPDATE: Witnesses say the victim was on stage when he was shot point-blank range. There were many shots fired though no one else was injured, says witnesses via 11alive.com.

The suspect was reportedly driving away from the scene in a black Subaru.

UPDATE: The suspect is being identified as 52-year-old Floyd Palmer, a former church employee.

Church shooting at creflo dollar's church

UPDATE: A Fulton County spokeswoman said Palmer “walked calmly into the church and left just as calmly,” after the shooting.

The shooting happened at a chapel in the World Changers church in College Park, Georgia, a police spokeswoman told CNN. CPR was being performed on the victim. The shooting victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for the injuries. The victim’s identity wasn’t immediately released.

UPDATE: The victim is identified as a volunteer church staff member and he was shot while conducting a Bible study prayer service with approximately 20 people in attendance. The victim’s age is not clear as many reports are stating different reports about his age. Some are reporting age 39 and some state 48 yrs old.

MyFoxAtlanta.com reported: Though the paramedics rushed the victim to South Fulton Medical Center, the ambulance was diverted to a nearby trauma center. Reports say the victim but did not survive.

Though the church does have a morning service, Fulton County police Cpl. Kay Lester said she didn’t know if the service was in progress at the time of the shooting.

Nearby schools have been on lock down since the news of the shooting incident for precautionary measures.

AT2W’s Take: Like we have said before, God is cleaning house and he’s doing so in the church. It has to be pretty clear that many of these mega ministries are not truly following God. If they had been, the God would never, ever allow someone to just walk into a church and start shooting. This should wake folks up to get away from these ‘not-called-of-God’ churches!