Church News: Bishop Neil Ellis Has Own New Fellowship: “Global United Fellowship”

global united fellowship bishop neil ellis

Church News: Bishop Neil Ellis Has Own New Fellowship: “Global United Fellowship”

After a press conference Thursday with Bishop Neil Ellis, its been revealed his has a new fellowship, “Global United Fellowship”.

Since Bishop Neil Ellis removed himself for selection of Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church International Fellowship, at least 18 churches have left FGBCF.

According to the back in late August, Arnold Josey, Commonwealth Mission Baptist Church pastor, told The Tribune yesterday that although Bishop Ellis’ decision came as a complete surprise, there was no question about the remaining 17 churches continuing their Full Gospel affiliation.

According to Bishop Neil Ellis’ Global United Fellowship’s website the organization commits to:

  •  Embracing both the Eternal Transforming Power of Calvary and the Supernatural Power of Pentecost.
  •  Demonstrating the principles of Holiness, Miracles and Revelation as exemplified specifically in the book of Acts and   throughout the scripture.

To join his fellowship, here’s the application.


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