Tonex’ Concert Boycotted by Howard University Students, Report Says

tonex gospel concert

Tonex’ Concert Boycotted by Howard University Students, Report Says

It sounds like, according to a report, Tonex is facing more controversy with his gospel comeback concert. Tonex has scheduled a gospel concert at Howard Theatre on Sept. 15th on the Howard University campus.

According to a report, many students are not happy about it and are actually boycotting the concert.

With a Facebook page created entitled “Don’t support Tonex concert” and a Twitter handle, @BoycottTonex (which as of this morning has been removed), students at Howard believe the same negative words he spoke about many current Christian artists are his exact behaviors.

Angela Powell said, “He’s confused. One second he says he’s not gay then does a tour and says he is. He said he quit gospel but then comes out and says he’s not finished with Christian music yet. He needs to sit down somewhere.”

Curtis Montgomery, a second-year biology major, told, ”As a Christian, homosexuality is wrong. I don’t support it and I’m glad so many students are standing up and rejecting this concert also.”

We could not confirm the Facebook page “Don’t Support Tonex Concert” or the Twitter handle @BoycottTonex, but stated they interviewed these individuals mentioned.

We can see why people would not be happy with him coming back because he hasn’t necessarily repented. We are not sure but we are questioning whether this is just a PR move and not a genuine move back into gospel, which should be back to God.

We shall see how it goes but it certainly seems like the students at Howard University will be putting up a serious fight to keep him from performing there.