Paula Deen Featured on ‘Master Chef’ Episode [VIDEO]

paula deen master chef

Paula Deen Featured on ‘Master Chef’ Episode [VIDEO]

Paula Deen has the privilege of setting up a luncheon for volunteers. The dishes will be southern style cooking: Kentucky chicken, Louisiana catfish, Alabama pork chops, Mississippi shrimp and alligator.

We wonder if this is what Judy Smith aka Olivia Pope has planned out for her comeback. We have to remember that the discrimination court case against us has been dropped. Apparently, a judge felt a white woman can not feel or be offended by racial discrimination toward her black employees. Now if that’s not racist, we don’t know what is.

As for as the cooking competition, Paula Deen seems to be trying very hard to be her old self with the cameras on her. Did the producers of the Master Chef show wanted to help revive Paula Deen’s image?

Actually, in a report from, they state the episode was filmed back in March which was long before she received the axe from the Food Network and many other endorsements but the lawsuit had been anounced. Though Fox News aired the episode, they did not mention her on their press site. The report also states the Master Chef Facebook page had a photo of Deen and it stated ‘We Support Paula Deen’, but was later removed.

We are curious to know if this will help her regain the confidence of her former fans and those terribly offended by her use of the n-word and other behavior. Only time will tell but its time for all of us to not be offended any longer by her use of ‘the word’. People who use ‘the word’ are very insecure with themselves and that’s a personal issue. So, let them own that problem because its not ours to own.