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Rapper Jay Z Wears ‘Satan Having Sex with Jesus’ T-Shirt, Proves to be WRONG but Something Else


Rapper Jay Z Wears ‘Satan Having Sex with Jesus’ T-Shirt?

This is why we don’t deal much with the Illuminati issue anymore. We will not give the enemy a footstool over the truth. We know many of these celebrities relate to Jesus in some very unusual ways and Jay Z has definitely been accused of being a devil worshiper along with his wife Beyonce’ but is he making an Illuminati statement this time?



We can’t see in the image on his t-shirt that its doing what the report says. It looks like a man is carrying Jesus after he was crucified on the cross. In fact, it appears to be very similar to artist Michelangelo “Deposition from the Cross”. Michelangelo depicting Jesus being laid down into the tomb.

So, even though we are not fans of Jay Z, this may be a time that Jesus is not being mocked, at least not in this way. It’s a little strange to see these hip hop artists wearing these t-shirts for no particular reason or event. Most Christians know we don’t need to post our love for Jesus on t-shirts to prove that we love Him. It is our actions that speak and that God knows are real or not real regarding our faith in Him. If anything, we question the reason to wear the t-shirts at the time. Also is the image on the shirt altered in any way? This would be interesting to see if there are any there. What we can say is wearing a t-shirt with Jesus being put into a tomb does depict him as deceased at the time. This could be a symbol that states the rapper wants to publicize that Jesus is dead. This is what we see because no one would wear it with gold chains hanging over it and drinking alcohol at the same time. Again, we would question this which would be making a mockery of Jesus when He died but low and behold, HE IS ALIVE and the only living God.

We are  not sure where the story came from that this was Satan laying Jesus down for sex. Now, that is blasphemous how someone would even go there but they could have looked deeper and saw what we found.


Thanks to AishaMusic for the update!