Paula Deen Scandal: Food Network Plans to Bring Paula Deen Back? Report Says

paula deen image still on food network website

Paula Deen Scandal: What?! Food Network Plans to Bring Paula Deen Back!

It certainly has been a rocky road for Mrs. Paula Deen. She has lost many endorsements and has had to stomach many people coming out and outing her racist ways in the past weeks since the scandal broke.

Well, regardless of how many companies have dropped Paula Deen, she seems to be getting some favor, or is she? A report from, stated the Food Network, who was the first to drop Deen amidst the racial scandal, is planning to bring her back to the network. Yes! You heard it right. According to the report, this is what was stated:

The Food Network’s plan is to bring Paula Deen back (if she doesn’t screw it up). An insider at the Food Network tell Eater: “She’ll be back in a year or two, under different terms. Maybe some guest spots.” Instead of completely distancing itself from the Deen clan — note that Paula Deen and her many recipes still remain on the Food Network’s website — the network appears to be carefully committing to a Paula Deen image rehabilitation strategy by trying to lift the profiles of Deen’s sons.

Wow! If this report is true, what hypocrites the Food Network are? Well, it isn’t true, folks. The report coming from, which is known for its satire, is probably not true and boy were we going to go in on this one.

NOTE: But let’s not forget: The Food Network does still have Paula Deen’s page on their website up and running. The page consists of other sub-pages like, ‘About’, ‘Bio’, ‘Top Recipes’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’- all about Paula Deen. So, they are not doing what they should have by now and scrubbed her image from their website. In our eyes, they are still hypocrites.