George Zimmerman Verdict: Racism is Hell Bound You Know!

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George Zimmerman Verdict: Racism is Hell Bound You Know!

We have been paying close attention to all of the news coverage and reactions to the George Zimmerman verdict. We can understand why many people have been very disturbed by a trial that feels unfair to the victim and his family. We can understand why it feels like a man went well beyond being just a neighborhood watchman and walked into a situation being a killer of a young teen. We can understand why the noise about the verdict has not died down and we don’t expect it to anytime soon. People against the verdict have the right to voice their opinions and fight against the Stand Your Ground laws in Florida.

There is one thing we would like people to start to understand. Though we don’t agree that Zimmerman should have been acquitted, has anyone though about the biblical implications as a result to the verdict? Racism has been around since the bible days. If you are not familiar with the scripture:

“Fear me not, because I am very dark, Because the sun hath scorched me…” Song of Soloman 1:6.

We mention this scripture because it is proof that hatred against dark people, even in the bible days, was prevalent. So if people back then can racially discriminate, we know this is wrong. We know people don’t want to go there, but it is wrong and against God to be racist. Racial profiling is a sin and those who are guilty of it are hell bound if they do not stop it and repent. Let’s not forget the black couple last year that wanted to be married at a white church and the church spoke against it because they had never had a black wedding there. This is racist and against God too. They put their racist intentions ahead of the HEAD of the church: Jesus! They thought holding onto their slave master mentality was alright, EVEN IN THE CHURCH!

So our point is: There has been reports that the Zimmerman family has and is racist. Reports have found George Zimmerman using racially charged words about people of color on an old Myspace page owned by him. Even the female cousin that came forward to state Zimmerman molested her for several years, said the family and especially George’s mother, is very racist.

This is a racist world, no doubt. It hasn’t change much even though we have a black president and we believe it will always be this way as long as people hold onto their selfishness and prejudices.

God is not happy with the racism going on in America and all over this world. It is a hell bound, period! God will take care of those who misuse or mistreat others. We are don’t believe that murder was justified in the Trayvon Martin case because Trayvon is not here to defend himself. But we can rest assure that God will take care of anyone who treats his little ones badly.

Racism is Hell Bound, folks and sin is sin. No one will get away with anything when the ULTIMATE judge takes over!