Gospel Artist and Pastor Deitrick Haddon Marries Baby Mama Dominique

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2 Responses to “Gospel Artist and Pastor Deitrick Haddon Marries Baby Mama Dominique”

  1. Lillizita says:

    I continue to be disturbed by the uncanny resemblance between wife #1 and wife #2. I can’t find anything in the Word that says that God would bless a relationship that began in adultery, in fact it says the opposite. Haddon definitely showed his lack of emotional maturity in the way he handled the situation, attempting to avoid responsibility by airing accusations against Damita on Facebook, of all places. How anyone could follow or respect a pastor like him is beyond me. Of course, if he doesn’t preach against sexual sin (and how could he) he might actually attract more members from the “judge me not” crowd. I don’t think it will last.

  2. Mrs.simone' t.f.Best says:

    Hello to mr and mrs hadden my god bless you and your Family I was call a person that was no good but my husband and I have been marry for 26 year and he to was someone else’s man but god has bless us of many years of happiness

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