Facebook and Youtube Censors His Kirk Cameron’s New Movie ‘Unstoppable’?

kirk cameron unstoppable banned
Facebook and Youtube Censors His Kirk Cameron’s New Movie ‘Unstoppable’?
It doesn’t surprise us that when a man stands on his biblical believes, people will work against you. This is exactly what happened to Kirk Cameron. It certainly sounds like he was blackballed.
Read report below from Charisma News:
Kirk Cameron’s new film Unstoppable encountered adversity Thursday when Facebook apparently blocked all posts that promote the film.
Cameron posted on his Facebook page Thursday night, “Calling all friends of Faith, Family, and Freedom! Facebook has officially ‘blocked’ me and you (and everyone else) from posting any link to my new movie at UnstoppableTheMovieDOTcom, labeling the content as ‘abusive,’ ‘unsafe,’ and ‘spammy!’ I can’t even write the real link here, or Facebook would block this post too!!”
Cameron is asking his followers to encourage the social media giant to unblock the website by sharing his post. Since Thursday night, his post has been shared more than 226,000 times.
kirk cameron unstoppable banned
“We have been officially shut down by Facebook and unable to get any response from them,” he said. “This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is ‘abusive’ or ‘unsafe’ about that?!”
It appears Facebook has removed its block on the film, as several commenters have pointed out.
“Just watched the trailer,” Christy Jones wrote Friday morning. “It was blocked when I tried earlier but it’s not now.”
Connie KinCannon Schafer also wrote Friday morning, “Facebook has lifted the ban because of the response from everyone!”
Unstoppable was made in partnership with Liberty University and will appear in theaters on Sept. 24.