Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Rejected for Marissa Alexander [UPDATE]

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Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Rejected for Marissa Alexander But Stood Strong For Zimmerman

UPDATE on July 22, 2013: Marissa Alexander needs less than 3,000 more petitions. Will you support this cause by signing the petition?

UPDATE on July 17, 2013:

There is a request to have Marissa Alexander conviction pardoned. Here is a petition to sign if you believe she should be according to the facts in the case below:

The Stand Your Ground Defense failed domestic abuse victim Marissa Alexander – who didn’t shoot anyone.

Only after enduring a year of violence from her husband Rico Gray, who has a documented history of abuse, did she arm herself for protection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next threat came just nine days after giving birth to their daughter. Gray, in a rage, cornered her and threatened to kill her. But instead of shooting him, she aimed upward. The only thing she hit was the ceiling.

KEY Information: Gray ran into the street, claiming she threatened to kill him and his boys. Marissa, on his word alone, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

For protecting her life and children she was just sentenced to twenty years in prison, even though Gray has since admitted his intention to harm her. There’s no excuse for Florida to deny this responsible mother her freedom.

Marissa is currently in the process of appealing her conviction. Tell Governor Scott to PARDON Marissa NOW!

Sign Petition NOW!

Originally posted on July 16, 2013:

This case has been talked about for some time now but it is so evident the double standard and pure racial intentions behind this woman’s case. Marissa Alexander gets rejected for wanting to use stand your ground law, which is suppose to be for ALL citizens, but George Zimmerman used it and ultimately got off for killing an unarmed black teen. Also, Casey Anthony was acquitted.

Let’s look at the two other cases:

George Zimmerman was requested by the 911 operator to stay in his car and leave Trayvon Martin alone. Ultimately, he kills Trayvon and uses stand your ground rights, pleas self defense, and is acquitted. Zimmerman’s father was a Florida judge and he’s considered a White/Hispanic. Casey Anthony was proven to have killed her own child after lying about it until the truth came out. She pleads not guilty and gets acquitted. By the way, her father was a former Orlando Police officer which probably helped her case.

Read the report from May 2012 from HuffPost on Marissa Alexander’s case and judge for yourself:

Marissa Alexander had never been arrested before she fired a bullet at a wall one day in 2010 to scare off her husband when she felt he was threatening her. Nobody got hurt, but this month a northeast Florida judge was bound by state law to sentence her to 20 years in prison.

She had claimed self-defense, tried to invoke Florida’s “stand your ground” law and rejected plea deals that could have gotten her a much shorter sentence. A jury found her guilty as charged: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Because she fired a gun while committing a felony, Florida’s mandatory-minimum gun law dictated the 20-year sentence.

Now read the statement below and on the law of ’10-20-life law’. It’s very interesting and restricting:

The state’s “10-20-life” law was implemented in 1999 and credited with helping to lower the violent crime rate. Anyone who shows a gun in the commission of certain felonies gets an automatic 10 years in prison. Fire the gun, and it’s an automatic 20 years. Shoot and wound someone, and it’s 25 years to life.

Alexander was stripped and denied to use her stand your ground rights but given 20 years in prison for firing a gun because of this law. So, what about George Zimmerman? He was not a police officer and as a neighborhood watchman, he should not have had a gun. What do you think?