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Paula Deen Lovers: Should She Have Called Man You’re ‘As Dark As The Board’? [VIDEO]


Paula Deen Calls Her Security: ‘As Black As The Board’, Another Racial Put Down [VIDEO]

Now, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black! Well, maybe not exactly but it sounded good! LOL! Anyway, here’s the video that is raging across the world wide web and shocking folks left and right. Let us give you some background on it first.

In the video, Paula Deen is discussing how her great grandfather lost his son in the Civil War and that he had lost the Civil War also by losing his 37 slaves. He no longer had help to do ‘the work’ on his plantation and he ultimately shot himself because he couldn’t deal with the changes of blacks becoming free.

Consequently, you can see Paula Deen speak in such a calm and collected matter about the issues of race, slavery and black people in her father’s era as if she is living in that time now. We think she is in a time warp and has run her business and life on the fact that her family owned slaves and she should, in many ways, do the same in this era.

It’s important to note that this video was made last fall before the lawsuit was filed. Her comments about having a young man in her life, who is her black security guard, is so appalling yet she looks like its regular talk for her.

She calls over her security guard, Hollis Johnson and tells him to come to her and says: “We can’t see you standing in front of that dark board!” It’s also important to note that she said she loves him and that he was as dark as the black drop board behind her on the stage but race doesn’t matter in their friendship. Huh? Then why mention it?!

She’s piece of work is all we can say! Watch the video now and see for yourself.