Utah Man Shoots Father-in-Law in Church while Holding Wife’s Hand [UPDATE]

Charles Richard Jennings Jr shot father in law in church

 Utah Man Shoots Father-in-Law in Church with Gun Shot to the Head

We have to get a hold on this kind of violence. We thought church break-ins were bad but something is clearly wrong in our society when people can walk into the house of God and shoots folks.

Read report below:

A Utah man has been arrested for allegedly walking into a church on Father’s Day and shooting his father-in-law in the back of the head in front of horrified parishioners. Police say Charles Richard Jennings Jr., 35, stole a pickup truck at gunpoint after the incident at a Catholic church in Ogden but was captured hours later in the next county, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The injured man is in critical condition but is expected to survive.

Police describe the shooting as a “domestic violence-related incident.” Witnesses say Jennings entered the church hand-in-hand with his wife (WHAT??!) before walking over to a pew and shooting her father.

“I’m assuming he brought her to church to watch him kill her father on Father’s Day,” a witness tells the Standard-Examiner said. “How dare he come into our sacred little church and do something like this.”

Did you read how he walked in ‘hand-in-hand’ with his wife before shooting her father? This is scary, folks! People are doing the unthinkable. This man looks terribly trouble.

We have the family in our prayers as well as the suspect.

UPDATE on June 23, 2013:

A Utah man shot in the head during a Father’s Day Mass was upgraded to fair condition Tuesday — just a few hours after his son-in-law was charged with attempted homicide in the shooting.

James Evans was moved out of the intensive care unit at McDay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, another step in what doctors expect to be a full recovery. The bullet police say was fired at point-blank range by his son-in-law, Charles “Ricky” Jennings Jr., remarkably missed his brain, entering near his ear and exiting out his cheek.

Evans’ wife, Tara, who was standing beside him, said if her husband hadn’t turned his head when he did, he would have been killed.