AT2W’s Take: Why Would a Pastor Say Paula Deen CAN Not Be a Racist? Really? [VIDEO]

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Pastor Gregory Tyson of Says Paula Deen is Not a Racist [VIDEO]

We will never understand why some people continue to defend others who use racial epithets towards and about people of color.  If Paula Deen is being sued for racial discrimination and her family members as well in her business, then there is something to this. She admitted she uses the word and has used it which came out in court recently. This blind minded pastor stated on a news coverage of WISTV that Paula Deen CAN NOT be racist. Wow! What a statement! So we assume he knows her very well, right? Well, let’s see what he said on the video.

Now, here’s a pastor who defends Paula Deen, whom he does not know personally, just because she helped his close friend fund a business venture. He says that using the n-word does not make a person a racist. How can he make these statements and not feel hypocritical? Why must he defend her especially since he does not know her. To us, it doesn’t matter that she helped his friend. This does not excuse her for using the word and making mockery of blacks as well. Isn’t it very possible that some whites do good things for blacks from time to time just to cover up their true feelings of having hatred towards blacks? Did he ever think about that? Paula Deen was not born yesterday. She is from the south and knows all too well about racism. We are sorry, but celebrities and those with money who happen to be white sometimes use it to cover up who they really are just to appear racially tolerant.

Also, these kinds of things really show out in the community. We were talking about his with the staff and we have felt some racial tension in the community. We discussed that whenever there is some kind of racial issue that hits the news, there is racial tension in the air. We won’t go into it, but if we are honest with ourselves, then we know this is true. It’s going on right now and it just feels like some white people are embarrassed and they ‘act out’ when a racial issue hits the news and they allegedly look bad.The point is: we have to stop treating each other wrongly and accept each other. The world is a different place now and its becoming less tolerant of racism. We all need to get used to it.

We are just voicing our feeling here but folks let’s get real and not assume anything about anyone. This is the best thing because obviously the Food Network won’t tolerate her actions and why should we?