AT2W Word on Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon and Transgender Restrooms: Is He Credible?

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Another AT2W Word on Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon and Transgender Restrooms

Recently, Pastor Deitrick Haddon spoke to the Communities about California Assembly Bill 1121, which will bring transgender bathrooms to California, and how that will effect morality, according to reports.

According to Haddon, morality has to be taught in the classrooms, but training in citizenship and tolerance are being shunned. Students were once expected to learn racial tolerance, but now we are faced with a situation where sexual preference takes precedence over every other problem that plagues our school systems in California.

AT2W’s Take: We have another word on this topic and Deitrick Haddon’s view. While we agree that the bill should be debated, we want to know if Deitrick Haddon is really qualified to speak on this subject. We don’t want to hold his recent controversy in the news against him but there are some issues with how he handled them. Earlier this year, Deitrick Haddon announced the separation and divorce from his ex wife Damita. It was a total rage over the internet and in many ways Haddon really made a spectacle of himself and the issue of infidelity that presumably contributed to the end to their marriage. He was the one to address the issue on Facebook and Twitter that spun out of control many of our eyes.

While he acknowledged his new relationship and child out of wedlock, he also confronted another gospel artist, Issac  Carree for the demise of his relationship with his wife and their alleged affair. Even though Damita Haddon has yet to confront any of these issues, it was truly one of the messiest scandals we’ve seen in some time. In our opinion, it was immature and no real thought was taken in consideration to how this would effect his fans and other onlookers.

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Again, we think Deitrick Haddon’s efforts on this issue of transgender bathrooms is a great one, but can he really use this kind of platform and have credibility after his recent public scandal? We just pray he can be taken seriously on this issue without the repercussions of his personal scandal that he, quite frankly, created.

Here’s more info on the bill that Deitrick Haddon is fighting:

Assembly Bill 1121 puts transgender bathrooms in all schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. It was authored by Assembly member Toni Atkins and co-sponsored by the Transgender Law Center and Equality California. The bill was passed by the Assembly by a vote of 54-16. The legislation would allow students to select the bathrooms and sports teams that fit with their gender identity.