Le’Andria Johnson Married: Pastor Le’Andria and Husband Forrest Walker Hosting 1st Revival

leandria johnson revival with parents, in laws and husband

Pastor Le’Andria Johnson and Husband Forrest Walker Hosting 1st Revival

Well, it looks like Grammy Award winning gospel artist and now newly appointed pastor, Le’Andria Johnson is moving forward with her ministry. This week she has been hosting a revival from May 29- May 31.

Read below the information provided by her Facebook fan page:

Orlando Florida & Surrounding areas, It’s Revival Time!!!! You don’t want to miss this, LeAndria’s parents Bishop & Pastor Johnson along with her husband Forrest parents, Apostle & Bishop Walker ( Jersey) with Dr Juan Bellard ( Atlanta) will be preaching powerful messages all 3 nights!! POSITION & POWER!!! #BeThere May 29-31 Spread The Word!!

Did you catch that? She is accompanied by her parents and her husband Forrest and his parents! Did we miss something? When did Le’Andria Johnson get married again and is this the name of her baby’s father, Forrest Walker? Even some of her fans on her Facebook page were shocked and in disbelief as well:

leandria johnson married?

leandria johnson married?


We did some research and found out when the word was getting out to the public. NewsSlice.com reported on April 3rd that Le’Andria Johnson was wearing a wedding ring on a video but never confirmed she was engaged or getting married.

Our friends over at Pathmegazine.com provided the tweets of her engagement and which we confirmed on her Twitter page:

leandria get married

leandria johnson gets married

leandria johnson gets married

Hopefully, this marriage will be a good one for her and that her husband be the man of God she needs in her life. It was surprising to hear she had a husband and even though it was on Twitter, it certainly was still under wraps. We pray her ministry does well and God uses her in a mighty way.


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  1. Jesusknows says:

    The question is will Forrest Walker ever do anything for his 1 year old in Plainfield, NJ. He has never seen her. He went to Flordia when the mom was 6 mouths pregnant.

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