Atlanta-area Pastor Ernest Easley Advices Parents to Remove Children from Boy Scouts

pastor ernest easley breaks ties with boy scout troop

Atlanta-area Pastor Ernest Easley Advices Parents to Remove Children from Boy Scouts

We can’t say we blame this pastor for his views. Now that the Boy Scouts of America has sold out and allowed an actual election which resulted in a vote to permit openly homosexual boys in Scouting. On May 23, the BSA’s 1,400-member National Council voted to adopt the membership policy, 61-39 percent, as proposed by BSA national leaders.

Sadly, a nearly 70 years affiliation with Troop 204 and Roswell Street Baptist Church will end, says Pastor Easley. This tie between Roswell Street Baptist Church and Troop 204 dates back to 1945.


“I never dreamed I’d have to stand up publicly and say to parents: Pull your kids out of the Boy Scouts,” Easley told Baptist Press May 28.

“If you would have asked me that five years ago, 10 years ago, I would have laughed,” Easley said. “And even as I was saying it Sunday morning, I thought, I cannot believe I’m having to address this and encourage parents to pull their children out of the Boy Scouts of America.



Pastor of the Marrietta, Ga. church, Easley says children now are at risk due to the vote in favor of them permitting openly homosexual boys in Scouting. He’s concerned of an increase of sexual abuse of children and that openly homosexual men may become Scout leaders.

“My greatest concern is the protection of boys,” Easley said. “This decision opens the floodgate for a potential increase in sexual abuse of children.”

Easley made this statement about how making the decision to split from Troop group was not a hard one due his church’s beliefs.


“As far as our church family, they’re sad about it, but it’s an easy decision to make when a congregation affirms God’s Word,” Easley said of the end of Roswell Street Baptist Church’s relationship with Troop 204.

“I think most boys at age 8, 9, 10, 11 — they’re all vulnerable. And all the more reason to stand firm and to affirm God’s Word to protect them. That’s our responsibility as adults to protect them. If we let the guard down and not protect them — they’re going to have a hard enough time living for God in this world. And for us not to do everything we can to protect them, shame on us.”


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