TX Conference of United Methodist Church Will Only Recruit Ministers Age 45 and Under

TX Conference of United Methodist Church Will Only Recruit Ministers Age 30 and Under

We know that the church is troubled in so many ways but to put age restrictions on who may be ordained as a minister under this denomination may be ludicrous and prejudicial.

Read more on the report below:

The overall average age of retirement is creeping slowly upward, but one regional United Methodist conference is promoting changes that would limit ordination opportunities for anyone over the age of 45.

The Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC) has proposed new guidelines for candidates entering ministry. The guidelines encourage those over the age of 45 to “to pursue other expressions of lay ministry,” and they aim to recruit younger clergy.
But the UMC also acknowledges that ordination is a lengthy process. As a result, “elders 35 or older made up more than 94 percent of all provisional and ordained elders [in 2012], and 53 percent of all elders were age 55 or older.”
We know that companies do this all of the time but for churches to start to pick and choose who they’d rather have can become problematic. We wonder why they want to recruit young clergy? Well, we are glad you asked. We found out why from the United Methodist Report how this has begun as a focus on younger clergy.
At their 2012 General Conference, they focused on creating a $7 million Young Clergy Initiative Fund designed to “increase the number of young clergy among the jurisdictional conferences,” to be administered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM).
The goal was to provide a space for these young clergy to talk about the roadblocks and difficulties they have, or continue to face, as they move toward ordained ministry in the UMC,  and to use this information as a basis for further action.
The next part may be some of their biggest concerns as they realize that color has to change in the face of the UMC church overall:
Another issue of concern for young clergy is the low number of ethnic minorities under the age of 30 currently seeking ordained ministry. Currently, 18 percent of the candidates for ministry in the United Methodist Church are under age 30—and of those 1,226 candidates, less than 14 percent are non-white.
Ethnic candidates make up only 8.6 percent from 2010 but one participant of the conference in 2012 stated in 20 to 30 years from now, UMC will not be 90 percent white.
This is very interesting. We also suspect that another reason they would like to recruit a younger clergy is because it will coincide with the new age views in the world. As we all know, a younger generation is naive to what the real world wants us to be and believe. By knowing this fact, the youngsters will more easier bring in or adopt to the world’s views of how the church should be instead of how God wants it to be. We feel the UMC is gearing up to train new age and contemporary views.