AT2W’s Take of Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell and Husband Teddy’s Recent Cheating Affair News

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AT2W’s Take of Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell and Husband Teddy’s Recent Cheating Affair News

In the June issue of Ebony magazine, Tina Campbell of the gospel duo group Mary Mary has revealed that her husband had an extramarital affair and her reaction to the news pressured her to want to stab and divorce him.

The June issue of Ebony reported that Tina and her husband Teddy Campbell are seeking prayer from the church world about their marital issues.  Even her husband Teddy went to his Facebook page and informed their fans of the issue and his thoughts as well.

Here are his words:

Hi fans and friends. I hope all of you are well and i thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown me.

Well, Im [sic]actually writing you on behalf of my wife Tina and I. Im [sic]assuming that many of you have seen or heard about our article in Ebony that discussed the challenges of overcoming infidelity in our marriage. Well since the article, the challenges have worsened. My wife’s hope turned into hopelessness & despair and she became unwilling to forgive and fight, until God showed her herself.

We can imagine that any woman would go through the roller coaster of feelings about whether to fight for their marriage or not.

My struggle, was with sexual immorality but my wife struggled with anger, rage, unforgiveness, pride, just to name a few, for over 2 decades. The devil wanted to use strongholds that took hold of our lives in our childhood, to remain and destroy us as adults. So now instead of being mad at each other we’re mad at the devil and we’re ready to fight.

Wow! He really reveals a lot about her personality traits that but never mentioned any of his own issues except that he struggled with sexual immorality.

Today we began a 30 day fast (May 24th-June 22nd) for complete deliverance & restoration.

If u are able to, please fast and/or pray daily that God would answer our prayer and give us a deeper love & commitment to him and to each other. We believe he still works miracles and he can give us the greatest marriage we could have ever imagined. We can pray alone BUT your prayers will certainly help.
2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land…”

Thanks in advance. Talk to you in 30 days.

mary mary tina campbell teddy campbell

AT2W’s Take. Update on June 4, 2013: Well, if you have been a fan of our site, you will know what we feel about this. Now we watched a video on TBN where Donnie McClurkin asked the sisters of Mary Mary if they married brothers, They stated they are cousins instead. Our staff took that as truth but all of our readers, including the ones who commented on this post say it was a joke. So, we will go with that before people start getting belligerent with us. LOL.

Below is what we wrote before minus the part that stated their husbands are related. Thanks for the heads up folks!

We don’t think it was necessary to tell the world about their problems unless they felt is was going to be outed by someone else. As far as we are concerned, it could be a publicity stunt to get more focus on them since the duo have in some ways split. We feel for them because both sisters in recent years have had babies back to back as to grow their families and according to Teddy, Tina wanted to give up.

The final thing we want to point out is even though marriages sometimes face these kind of issues everyday, we think if the sisters of Mary Mary had not exploited gospel music and been so adamant about doing it their way, maybe they could have been able to handle these issues better. Mary Mary is known for not making any excuses for their secular sounding music even though they have been a part of the church all of their lives. Even their pastor Bishop Kenneth Ulmer never rebukes or stated any discomfort in how these sisters have helped turn the gospel industry out of the will of God.

We will continue to pray for Tina Campbell and her husband Teddy along with Mary Mary and their future.


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22 Responses to “AT2W’s Take of Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell and Husband Teddy’s Recent Cheating Affair News”

  1. Linda says:

    Whew! Good to know I’m not the only one feeling some kind of way. Plus I didn’t know they married cousins. Something is wrong with them girls.

  2. Lexa McDaniel says:

    I am shocked at the level of “judgement” on this blog. For years folk has had problems with gospel music being secular… since the Clark sisters with “I’m looking for a miracle” and I’m sure the years will show Mary Mary as instrumental in kicking down doors and changing the minds of old miserable hating church folk. How you associate their music, which has helped many through hopelessness and helplessness with being the cause of her marital problems is absolutely astounding… Further, it’s BIBLICAL for cousins to marry each other (all though shunned in society) so their marrying of cousins is of no issue and shouldn’t be of concern either. I’m irritated I found this nonsense! Delete if ya want but now you know!

  3. AT2W Staff says:

    Lexa, we appreciate your opinion and comment. If you were a regular reader of our blog, you’d know our views and style. We are not sure where you are getting your biblical reasoning but many people agree with us when we say that two sisters probably should not marry two cousins. It’s all about it being too close relation wise and more of them being in each other’s business. We don’t apologize for our views because that is what AT2W is about and has been for years. We allowed your comment so you can know what to expect when you visit this blog! God bless.

  4. Marcus says:

    It is my understanding based on interviews I have seen of them that their husbands have NO relations with each other. They simply have the same last name. I believe the idea that they are cousins is not accurate.

  5. Marcus says:

    Also, I believe the original message that is found on the Mary Mary website is written by Tina herself. The believe the version that you guys have posted is an altered version, because the title of the letter on the Mary Mary website is “A Message from Tina Campbell”

  6. AT2W Staff says:

    Marcus, thanks for your comment. We have to concur that the husbands are cousins. We actually saw an interview with Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin on TBN last year. He asked them to explain this fact because this was big news when they first came out. They (Mary Mary) did confirm that the husband ARE cousins.

  7. Tai Nichols says:

    This message by Teddy was also posted by Tina, altered to be from her p.o.v. You all should really check into details before making assumptions.

  8. Tai Nichols says:

    Also, Warryn and Teddy are NOT related. It was only a rumor. Check facts, please!

  9. AT2W Staff says:

    Tai, as we told the other reader: Tina and Erica admitted this on TBN with Donnie McClurkin who asked the very question. Three of our staff members watched the episode together, raised our eyebrows and looked at each other when they said YES. Unless, we ALL heard wrong, that was our impression. If you have an article that says they are not, we’d love to see it. Thanks for your comment.

  10. AT2W Staff says:

    Tai, once again these are not assumptions. We received this from his Facebook page. If it is a misunderstanding or was altered, then it was taken from his page. It looks as though whomever wrote it has the issue, not us. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Marcus says:

    I have seen the interview on TBN and Donnie Mcclurkin was simply joking. Here is the link to an interview Erica Campbell did in which she dispells this rumor.

  12. Dee says:

    Warren and Teddy are not related.

  13. AT2W Staff says:

    Thanks to our readers for letting us know that the sisters did not marry cousins. We have corrected the post and adding this comment to clear it up. Thanks again. Love you all!

  14. prophtess julie pratt says:

    Greetings in the name of our lord and savior
    for we all sin and came short of gods glory he is a foregiving god.
    serve him notice that he is defeated and that yor going on in the name
    oe jesus.through this tour marriage certainly will gain strength stay
    focus give god glory for you have the victory .the enemy through a dart
    but it didn’t work thank god for you and your husband and mrs. tina
    your music has been a real blessing to me over the years. may god ever bless you from the abundance even the more. keep me in you prays also
    and feel free to email me at any time.i be fating with you also and
    I excited about what hes about to do for you.

    peace and blessings
    prophetess, Julie pratt

  15. Kevin Shell says:

    What’s up AT2W!

    I just think it’s ironic that they are asking for prayer from the church that THEY DON’T MAKE MUSIC FOR anymore…They certainly can’t be asking for prayer from the world…I’m just saying…Not that I would withhold prayer, but where are these mighty Apostles and Bishops that they are suppose to be under? Is anybody in the music business and out there in Hollywood accountable to anybody?!?! SMH!!!!

  16. AT2W Staff says:

    We agree, Kevin. We have no sympathy for them in many ways because they have helped turn gospel music out. We said we would pray for them because they certainly need it outside of this current issue. Thanks for you comment.

  17. M. Paskins says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you AT2W Staff! The sisters don’t honor the Lord in their music. They dress provocatively, desecrated Gospel music, look and act like the world and then run to the church for prayers, when experiencing trouble, when they otherwise could care less about the things of God. Even worst, the younger generation thinks that all this carrying on is acceptable. What hypocrites these sisters are and their pastor too, for being their pastor and not influencing or guiding them to be Godly women!

  18. AT2W Staff says:

    Amen, M. Paskins!

  19. Moola says:

    They need to put God first Not making money & reality shows. They need to go back to their first love – God & not the camera & lights. They need to be God pleaders not man pleaders. Won’t God do it!!! Yes He will.

  20. T. Brown says:

    Religion aside, this is a human nature thing. If you have watched their reality series, Tina could be a real DIVA. You cannot expect to communicate with someone that goes into shutdown mode everytime there is a conflict. I don’t know if the show is still on but I think that she have show her true colors in that one and I would be amazed if her career, the show, or her marriage will grow based on how she carries herself.

  21. Ain'tWidThatNonse says:

    So, Teddy and Warryn are cousins?? I figured they were not related . Someone explain this.

  22. AintWidThatNonse says:

    Scrap me comments, tis already proven that they are not related so . Keep up the good work1 Loving this site!

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