AT2W’s Inspirational Moment: ‘Use Your Gift Outside of the Church’

AT2W’s Inspirational Moment: ‘Use Your Gift Outside of the Church’

The local church is NOT the only platform for the Prophet sent by God. God will use you outside of the 4 walls, provided you are graced (given the ability to function in His power) to go into other areas. In the Bible, more Prophets were sent to speak out against social oppression and economical issues, disorder among leadership (kings and many others). (ie: Moses, David, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and so forth) For the life of me, I can’t understand why so many Prophets are “dying” to “fit-in” and are literally being spiritually assassinated just to serve within the local church.

If you are a Prophet and you are sent by God, you will face obscurity and opposition but know that you are there by divine appointment and assignment and that may or may not be your primary or permanent place of influence.

In other words, you are settling and dying to be heard when God has your anointed your voice and has a people/assignment outside of the 4 walls who are waiting on your arrival. I believe in local church fellowship, however, I know that my gift and my influence is not to be utilized there. God had to teach me this. Fellowship helps to edify me in my faith and it helps me to remain in unity with other believers.

There are Prophets who are called specifically to the local church to sit and flow as an in-house Prophet, but know and understand that just because you’re a Prophet or because you have a prophetic anointing does it mean that you are only called to serve or function in the local church alone. Study your gift. There are different spheres of influence for the Prophet sent by God and if we’re going to leave a footprint in the earth for God, someone has to go to the world to do so.

There are Marketplace Prophets, Governmental Prophets, Prophetic Advisors, and Prophets who function as Liasons and yes, even Ambassadors to other nations.

Know your gift. It’s not enough to just be a Prophet. You have to know where your power and where your Godly influence is most effective and most needed.

Tamara N. Green
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