Black Ohio Families Find New Bibles on Porch With N-Word Written Inside Them

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Black Ohio Families Find New Bibles on Porch With N-Word Written Inside Them

David Jones Jr. said he was excited to see a new Bible sitting on his front porch Monday morning. Then he looked inside and found what he describes as a “racial slur toward blacks,” written on the inside cover.

A total of 16 black residents along North Mulberry and Springmill Streets and Vale Avenue received the marred Bibles on Sunday, according to the Mansfield Police Department.

“At first I said good, because I can use another Bible, but when I opened it to see who it came from it just had a nasty statement in there,” Jones said. “I thought someone was saying it to me, but then I saw it on other porches, so I called police.”

A few doors down, Lillian Webb had the same initial reaction.

I thought someone was trying to be funny, saying I need to read the Bible,” Webb said. “After I read (the slur), I thought, who would write that in a Bible?”

Across the street, the Friendly House received three Bibles, director Terry Conard said. Bibles also showed up at two vacant houses on either side of Webb.

Nine of the King James Holy Bibles were recovered Monday morning after Jones called in the complaint. Six more were found by police canvassing the area Wednesday. The same slur was “neatly” written in neon colors, according to victims.

Police are classifying the act as ethnic intimidation, meaning the racial slur was meant to threaten and intimidate residents, Capt. Ken Coontz said. Those responsible could face menacing charges, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. If tied to ethnic motivations, the charge could increase the offense to a third-degree misdemeanor, or up to 60 days in jail, he said.

Source: ZanesvilleTimesRecorder