AT2W’s Inspirational Moment: UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL [Part 3]

AT2W’s Inspirational Moment: UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL [Part 3]

Unity in the body barricades us and protects us from outside sources. Truthfully, because of differences in beliefs and doctrine, some aren’t praying for their community as a whole because of their hidden resentment, anger, and ought against another person for their own personal beliefs. This causes segregation and not unity. If our heart rejects the stimuli from our brain, we die because we are unable to get the supply of blood necessary to keep the other organs alive. So it is in the spirit. We are rejecting, fighting again, and resenting each other so much to the point that we’d rather be divided and destroyed than to work together. I’ll be saying more on my blog about this in the days and weeks to come. The spirit of division is the chief underlying spirit that is the root and blood supply to all of these other spirits that have coupled together and are now destroying our communities. Though we are one corporate body of many members, we are divided! We have lost our unity and in many cases, we have broken away from the corporate body of Christ to in fact, start our very own. The craving of power and in most cases, popularity has destroyed us.

We have cut our supply off and we are now trying to function corporately as a dismembered body. We cannot all be in-sync as one when so many have detached or dismembered themselves and yet, they still want to live off of the supply of energy and other nutrients that was once keeping them alive. In other words, you can’t thrive in a place where there is no true supply and source of sustenance! You can’t cut off your water supply and then blame someone else because you’re dying of thirst.

We say we’re one but deep inside, we are divided. Denominationally, racially, economically, politically, educationally, socially, and so-forth. We are not one anymore. There are now so many different options within options and we have all gone along with the systems of how the world operates. Who needs so many choices when we are all Theocratic? Theocratic is simply God’s governmental institution. In other words, God is always our answer and our source.

So then, why are we and why have we fallen for all these differences in opinion and choices? We have been tricked and though we may sound alike and even have the same opinions, we still have more that divides us than what unites us. You may not agree but deep inside, you know it’s the truth. If we were all able to put our beliefs and doctrines aside, we’d be able to get along and be more unified. Sadly we have the world’s point of view. It’s Us vs. Them.  It’s their belief vs Ours. It’s killing us softly. Many are dying prematurely because we, the body of Christ, can’t seem to come together on one common accord to build the faith-community so that we can truly influence the world at large.

Stay tuned. More to come.


Father, in the name of Jesus, commission and re-commission us, the body of Christ, back to the original blueprint so that we can do greater works and exploits for your glory! Amen.

Tamara N. Green

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