AT2W”s Inspirational Moment: Will You Trust Him and Follow Him to the”Kingdom”?


by: Tamara N. Green aka Lady Tamara

The same way Jesus compelled common men to follow Him, we are to flow in that exact same flow in our lifestyle as Christ followers among others. The Kingdom is exactly the same way. We are called to take the Kingdom of God to others. To mobilize it and there is nothing mystical about it, though there are mysteries that are involved as it pertains to the livelihood of those who are apart of it. Therefore, we can’t sit in the 4 walls of the church and expect people to “come to Christ” only. Jesus went out and He demonstrated Kingdom amongst those who followed Him so much that when He told them to give up their lifestyles and some even their families, they did. What manner of man was He that He was able to tell men to “Follow Him” and they obeyed? They’d heard of one coming. They apparently didn’t expect Him to appear in their age. My answer. He apparently exhibited something within His speech, His presentation, His wisdom, His attitude, and His character that caught their attention. Jesus was current. He was different according to what they had probably experienced and they went with that. They didn’t need to be fully persuaded or have their arms twisted to follow Him! They just trusted Him. had faith in Him, and went with Him. Why then do we have to do so much persuading just to get people to come to Christ in the local church when Christ himself in humility and meekness had massive followers? My answer. People saw something in His presentation that they had not seen and heard. Everything about Christ was so drawing and compelling.

In our day, most people can’t come to Christ because most people can’t see past the flamboyant personalities and charisma of those who are supposed to be His vessel. You know, the person who talks more about “their” ministry than Christ! Christ didn’t self-promote. He loved His Father, wanted to obey Him, and gave all the glory and honor to Him. Man ‘o man. If we ever get our own agendas out of the way, folks are gonna start to see Christ when they see us. They’ll hear Him when they hear us. In the 4 walls of the church, at work, at Walmart, and so-forth, men will be compelled again the day they see, hear, and know that indeed this is the right decision to make because indeed He is in the midst!

My heart’s desire is to be a vessel that people can see, feel, and hear Christ through. Not me. All Him.
What say ye?

Tamara N. Green
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