Bishop Wiley Jackson and Brother Gets Charges Dropped After Repayment to Investors

Bishop Wiley Jackson and Brother Gets Charges Dropped After Repayment to Investors

Charges against pastor Bishop Wiley Jackson and his brother, co pastor Rev. Rodney Jackson of Gospel Tabernacle , were dismissed after they repaid investors $90,000.

DeKalb District Attorney spokesman Erik Burton said the men made restitution to seven DeKalb County victims involved in an investment company headed by the pair.

“After the money was set up in an escrow account and the victims were repaid, the case was dismissed,” Burton said.

In an April 23 statement, Wiley Jackson defiantly maintained his innocence.

“All my actions in connection with Genesis were done with the advice of a certified public accountant who was a licensed securities broker,” Jackson in the statement emailed to CrossRoadsNews. “My actions violated no Law.”

The two men of God were accused of selling investments without a securities license which is a violation of the Georgia Securities Act.

Wiley Jackson, 59, leads the megachurch, with locations in Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Fayetteville and Griffin. Pastor Rodney Jackson, 58, is co-pastor at the church.

He expressed relief that the charges against him were dropped.

I am thankful that I can now put this chapter behind me and I am looking forward to continuing the work that I love,” he said in a separate statement.

Here’s some history on the indictments from Dec. 20, 2012 from Cross Road News:

At the time, investigators said the brothers’ company, Genesis LLC, received at least $12,000 from two individuals as far back as 2002 through investment contracts the company was not licensed to issue.

The indictment said the Jacksons “failed to inform potential investors that there was a risk that they could lose their principle investment,” a necessary warning to ensure investors would not be misled, the indictment said.

The DA’s office said the original two investors were members of Gospel Tabernacle. One member gave Genesis $10,000 in 2002 and another gave the company $2,000 the same year.

Both lost their money, according to prosecutors. Since the indictment, five more investors came forward claiming they also had lost money.

Both were charged with five offenses, and were facing five years in prison for each offense.

Wiley Jackson said that he tried to locate his investors. Can we really believe that? They were easy to find to allegedly scam but hard to locate when payment was due them? Right!

Here’s Bishop Wiley Jackson said about it:

“When Genesis was not successful, I attempted to contact all investors and repay them principal and interest,” he said. “I did this in 2008. It seems several investors were not located. When they were, I paid them, just as I paid the other investors in 2008.”

Since the DeKalb Superior Court Judge Cynthia Becker moved to dismiss the indictments because the bishop has repaid the victims, this is considered at win-win for the ones victimized says the DeKalb District Attorney Robert James to the media:

“We consider this a huge win for the victims in this matter,” he said. “Our goal with any case in our office is to find a resolve for those affected by a crime. Now, $90,000 has been repaid to those households. For us, that’s a significant victory.”

Wiley Jackson said the DA backed down because he had done nothing wrong.

“I was prepared for trial and would have been successful at trial.” he said. “The District Attorney, realizing I would be successful, dismissed the case. Again, I have done nothing wrong and will continue to do the work of the ministry that we have always done.”

Yeah, right!

AT2W’s Take:

No, Bishop Jackson. If you did nothing wrong then people from your church would not be trying to sue you for a ponzi scheme, point blank. It has nothing to do with the bishop being innocent. It has all to do with them agreeing to repay the victims is why the indictments were dropped. When will these no good pastors get it into their brains that they are not above the law. It still looks bad on them either way. The only thing we can say is at least they did not fight to repay it some other ‘Long’ pastors we know! He refuses to take responsibility at all.